Truth, Lies, Shenanigans

Librarians, Legislators, Legacies, and Gold Diggers

August 04, 2023 Season 4 Episode 28
Librarians, Legislators, Legacies, and Gold Diggers
Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
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Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
Librarians, Legislators, Legacies, and Gold Diggers
Aug 04, 2023 Season 4 Episode 28

In this episode, we explore a law that almost put librarians on Arkansas' most wanted list, debate the question of age limits in Congress, discuss the audacious exploits of a modern-day gold digger, and delve into a controversial decision about love and legacy. Join us for lively debates, unexpected insights, and a few laughs along the way.

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Show Notes Transcript

In this episode, we explore a law that almost put librarians on Arkansas' most wanted list, debate the question of age limits in Congress, discuss the audacious exploits of a modern-day gold digger, and delve into a controversial decision about love and legacy. Join us for lively debates, unexpected insights, and a few laughs along the way.

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Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. The show is about to begin.

Truth. Lies. It's a nonexistence. Truth. Lies. It's a nonexistence.

Hey, welcome to truth, lie, shenanigans, podcast, social commentary, hot topics, amazing guests with a ton of fun and shenanigans along the way. Today's show. We're talking about librarians in Arkansas. Well, almost got their faces put on most wanted posters for handing out books. [00:01:00] Then we're going to be asking, should there be an expiration date on our politicians like Mitch McConnell?

We're also discussing gold diggers and also diving into ethics of your spouse, having your baby after you die. If it's your first time tuning in, we record live on Wednesdays, 8 p. m. Eastern, you can watch us live on YouTube, Facebook, which TV and true flash shenanigans. com, but we'll be checking your comments on YouTube and Facebook.

Just search at TLS live show and our official podcast, our audio podcast available on Fridays on Apple podcast pods network. That's B O D Z or anywhere you listen to your podcasts. All right. Let me introduce you to my co hosts today. First up, we have our nature love gamer and the rock star. Coming to you from Ontario, Canada, Brock E.

Rock. What's up, what's up, my friends. Happy [00:02:00] Wednesday. So it has been a great week with family. We had a lovely dinner with my mom. We celebrated birthday with my father in law. Played in the pool, went berry picking with little ones. That's, it's just been great. And yeah, this weekend, I'm, uh, To be seeing some family for a celebration of life, but we're going to be seeing family and it's going to be visiting, Other family at a provincial park while they rent a cabin. So. It's been busy. It's been good. Yeah. Connecting with a lot of flow. And that's pretty fantastic. So celebration. I think it's a wonderful shift that I'm starting to see in North American culture that we're not doing, you know, rules, the lamentations that, you know, there is a focus on celebrating someone's life.

Because that really is the sum of our accomplishment. Exactly right. Paulette Bertran says hello. Hey, mom. . All right. College student model, business owner [00:03:00] streaming from Atlanta, Georgia, Johnny Storm. Hey guys. So I've missed you. It's been a very busy week. I've been booked in busy. Okay. But here's a little forewarning for you guys who are trying to hire a house cleaner.

Please put your weird personal shit away. Sorry, excuse my language. Put your weird stuff away. Put your stuff away. That could be offensive. Or that is just personal. Just put it, just put it up. What are you talking about? What, what are we talking about? You know, I'm gonna ask, I mean, are, are we talking about what dildos and what this week especially was really traumatizing?

I mean, yeah, but no, I've seen dildos a long time ago. Okay, so what is, what are we talking about specifically? That was traumatizing. Okay. So I went to like devil worshiper house, and so there was like blood, like real blood. Did you say Devil's Worshiper house? Yeah, [00:04:00] I didn't know until I saw the pictures and like the candles and I didn't know, okay, we don't always vet the clients, but now it was, did you, did you have a conversation with these clients about your suspicion?

Did you get verification of your suspicion? Didn't even want to, are you sure that devil worshipers just cause they have blood It could just be any occult. I mean, it could be in Cthulhu. it could be anything. No, it was giving demon. Demon vibes. Demon vibes. So you was feeling it.

And they had like a tub. In their tub it was blood. And they had like a recording and a casket. I don't know what kind of freaky shit they had going on. But just put it up. That's all I'm saying guys. You sold me. You sold me. I believe you. The devil hurt my back very shortly after going into that house and apologizing profusely that I couldn't finish the job.

I wanted to. Maybe it was an actual vampire. [00:05:00] Could be. Could see that, actually. There was three of them there. Could see that. You know, hey,

just for warning, please do it's justice.

All right. Well, my, my name is Neil Nix. I'm your host and it's my eighth anniversary guys.

I'm telling you, I can't tell you how amazing it is. I found my forever person because it was a period of time. I was like, They're just not out there. They just don't exist. And then there was Mel. And I mean, I'm just lucky. I'm just one of those lucky guys. I mean, we're not the perfect couple. I won't claim that we're the perfect couple.

What makes us perfect is we're always working on it. We're always working together. We have each other's back. I mean, it's, yeah. I [00:06:00] know what you're saying, brother. Happy anniversary, my love. Happy anniversary. Hope we have many, many more. What a sweet guy. Congratulations to George Fournier on that. Thank you, George.

Appreciate that. All right. Time to switch gears. Quick word from our sponsor. Are you in search for fresh, high quality podcast, please check out pods and network PODZ. Lies. Shenanigans is a proud member of the pods network. Haven't checked them out yet. You are definitely missing out. As pods is the place for aspiring podcasts, curious listeners, it's a hub for high quality up and coming podcasts, making waves and sparking conversations.

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 for aspiring podcasts. Curious listeners. Don't forget as always, when you get there, download the latest episode of truth lies, shenanigans. All right, Let's get into the show. Gianni you're up first. All we got is hot topics today. You want to talk about. Having babies after you're dead.

This is interesting. Yes, yes, yes, yes. So, in the wake of Ronnie Turner's passing, and if you don't know who Ronnie Turner is, he is an actor, but he's also Tina [00:08:00] Turner's son. Ronnie's widow, singer Afida Turner, is discussing how she plans to have a baby within the next year by using the frozen sperm Ronnie left behind as a gift to her.

So, Afida mentioned this during an interview when revealing that her life in LA became a real nightmare after Ronnie Turner's death. she actually took a hiatus to Egypt and now she's going to have Ronnie's baby. , she's going to use IVF, before her 47th birthday.

On December 22nd. So my question to you guys is, would you want your spouse to move on after you pass or continue your legacy with a child via IVF? I'll let you start, Rob. so I had really kind of had to give this one some thought and I really have to check my ego. So I definitely would want for my spouse to grieve me for an appropriate period and move on.

I want her to honor herself. I want [00:09:00] her to find love. I want her to pursue her happiness. If she has my genetic material and it was my gift to her, and she wants to make a baby, that is completely up to her. Um, my only hope would be that anyone that she brings into that child's life would meet my seal of approval.

You know, it's, it's, um, But ultimately, if I'm dead, if I've passed on, there's really nothing that and that I can really experience about it. So, at the end of the day, I, I love my wife tremendously. And if something, if I passed on before her, I want her to be happy. That's my ultimate goal. That's my ultimate dream.

And if that would be to have a child with my sperm. And if that's what's going to bring her that joy and love in her life, and so be it, that would be her decision ultimately. [00:10:00] She can have both, man. I'm curious, so what if it were the other way around, like, let's say, you had embryos or some eggs from your wife.

I mean, would you consider a, dude, I had, I had a sex to me at 28. Um, and I did it for very specific reasons. I don't want more children also. I'm 50 years old. Why would I do that to myself all over again? I'm enjoying uncle. I'm enjoying being a grandfather. It makes sense. No, no, my wife and I got together later on in life and we both live, I guess the 1st stage of our lives separately, the learning phase, right? But, 1 time to make a composite. And we're very grateful that we did not make little ugly baby Jobert, because that was a horrible composite. That would have been a fugly [00:11:00] child.

Shut up. The child would have been beautiful, please. I really don't believe what the computer did. I don't either. I don't either. I guess to answer your question, Gianni, would I, would I want her to move on? I mean, I'd want her to move on, but. You know, if, we had embryos or sperm or something saved aside, yeah, I'd be absolutely open to or happy if she had, a child, yeah, I think that would be fantastic actually if she chose to do that.

I mean, you know, I think it's a personal decision. Some people feel differently. Some people feel like,once you pass on. people shouldn't be making decisions with your genetic material. I'm in agreement with Robbie, you know, once I'm gone.

Well, no, once I'm gone, what difference does it make? I mean, I'm not here on earth if she wants to, you know, use it. So what she wants to use if she doesn't want to use you, toss it in the trash. Hey, whatever. [00:12:00] Who cares? I have no say in it. does it make me know? Nevermind. But again, that's interesting from the other perspective, though. I mean, would I take my wife's genetic material and try to have a child? I probably would, you know, really? I mean, unless I found someone new, what I'm saying? I just get a surrogate and say, yeah, but but what I'm saying, Let's say there were embryos.

I mean, sperm and eggs are totally different, but let's say they're embryos. I would certainly give them a chance. Yeah. Okay. I mean, so would you do this on your own or would you want to secure a stable partner before doing right? And I think it's a little bit different from the woman's side versus the man's side because sperm and eggs and you're either.

No, because you're taking on the role of being a single parent. With your former partners, genetic material, but what I'm saying is slightly different, but what I'm saying is a slightly [00:13:00] different because. No, it's slightly different because I can't physically have the child. I'd have to actually involve someone else to have the child.

So, I'd have to either have another partner, a surrogate I have to have someone else. Whereas. A woman can say, hey, I can just take the man's sperm and I have my own eggs and I just put it inside myself and I can make some decisions. Little bit. No, no, no, no, no. Still going to need a medical team, still going to need a turkey baster in the material.

Of course, I'm not saying that. Different processes, but I mean, isn't it the concept the same? Like you're going to be a single parent. Concept, but the process, because the decision making process, because again, if I find another partner, you know, you know, I'd probably want to have a child with that partner.

And that brings up a very interesting scenario, Neo, because If you were to undertake that with a surrogate and something were to [00:14:00] happen to you during that pregnancy, something happened, where does that leave that? Oh, interesting in the world. That's interesting. And then there's a lot of laws around surrogacy and things like that.

And it's, it's really challenging. So it is, it is slightly different from being the man versus the woman. So, I don't know. But with that being said, I would love to make sure we had a child but that's so interesting. But what do you think Gianna, before I get to my other point?

Cause I was sure you guys were going to say like, no, let her move on because that's kind of my thought. Like, I think it's weird. I mean, I get it and I think it's sentimental. And if she wants to do it, like she feels very, she seems to be very passionate about it, of course, and like happy for it.

But I just think it's kind of like, strange. Good question. We can look it up. I don't know, but I'm sure a long time. She has his last name. She's a whole turner out here. I think they've been around. I think I read that they've been together a while. it [00:15:00] didn't seem like they just got married and she just, so they have a strong relationship.

They do have a strong relationship, but I just, I don't know if she probably is devastated. Yeah, she said it and she said she even took a hiatus because she couldn't handle like her everyday life. So. I understand that, but then wouldn't that kind of bring more of the memory of him passing away, like having a child with him?

I don't know. I don't know, but you gotta figure, you gotta figure, you gotta figure if he froze his sperm, it had to be for a reason. And the article states that it was his gift to her. Right. So, she gives her the option to use it, whether she chooses to or not. And in this scenario, it seems that she's Opting to for that option and coming from the Turner family, I'm sure that this child will not go without.

 So, and that's the point I was about to make. and the question I had for you guys, I mean, because it is Tina Turner son, Tina Turner just died, which [00:16:00] means Tina Turner son or grandson would inherit. A portion of her estate. I mean, we don't know what's in the will,

the timing seems a little weird, does it seem like she's trying to, take advantage of Percy? I mean, you know, it's been a terrible year for the Turner family, so I don't know that she's taking advantage. This is just bad happenstance. Mom and the son. But he did die a year ago. 

But it does take time to grieve. Yeah, but if you're grieving. Don't get me wrong though, it does take time to grieve. My husband, the love of my life, my husband's dead, put a baby in me. That's nobody's, that's nobody's thought about. So neither of you think she's taken advantage. You, you, you don't think the time, the No.

The timing. Okay. Oh, I mean, I don't think so. Good. I think the timing is a little strange. It's strange. It's, you can eye it like I, I would have to read her vibes. She seems cool though, like we have simpler hair. I think she's cool. . Oh man. You gotta color your [00:17:00] hair a little bit.

I might do the whole lions. It's pretty. I don't know. It's like, Kublai Brothers are online. Hey! Oh nice! Hey guys! Says hi, but yeah,I don't know that I agree with you both. I think the timing seems a little strange to me. I think there's a little bit of weirdness there.

I think she may be trying to, uh, take advantage of the state. I am, I'm suspicious of the timing. She's loaded. She has money already. So does she? I'm sure she's won a French singer. She already has her own career. And the child is being, is born after Tina Turner's death. So, we don't know. Yeah, how is he, we might not even.

Yeah. That's too much of a reach, I think. But, there's, there's evil people out here. Like what Jacqueline said. Yeah, Jacqueline Robinson made a great point. So, she's in agreement with you [00:18:00] guys. It doesn't matter what the timing is. If Tina's last will and testament bequeathed her assets to her husband, it's a moot point.

Did she, but we don't know what to her husband. We don't know. Oh, okay. We don't know. I was going to say that insanity. All right. Is this truth lies? Shenanigans, this

is true. I know y'all convinced me. There's no shenanigans going on. You guys convinced me. Jacqueline Robinson convinced me. You guys, there's no shenanigans going on. Thank you, Jacqueline.

All right, let's get our next topic. So Rob B, you wanted to talk about surprise gold diggers. I was trying to make the point of gold diggers. Now you can,

uh, so this is a bit of a shocking story that has left authorities and the public stunned. The beautiful peaches, [00:19:00] Surgo, , you said beautiful. Six year old laugh like that, . He did. He did. But this 36 year old beauty from Florida defrauded an 87 year old Holocaust survivor that she met on an online dating service between 2017 and late 2021.

So over the course of four and a half years, she siphoned over 2. 8 million from the elderly man and using the money to live a life of luxury. So Sergo pleaded guilty to wire fraud earlier this year. And recently she was sentenced to 51 months in prison by the U. S. District Judge, Hidardo Ramos. Yeah. This unimaginably cruel scam has raised a lot of questions about the dangers of gold digging and the need for caution in relationships.

So with such a heart wrenching case making headlines. Should gold [00:20:00] diggers beware? Is it over for them? So four years, huh? She's got four years. Yeah. Gold diggers will always exist, first of all. That's, that's since the beginning of time. Yeah, you asking us gold diggers, I don't know. I said, she's a horrible person.

First. I say it's a damn shame. No, I agree with you. It's a damn shame. This woman did this to a Holocaust survivor, but let's be real. She's like one in a million of con artists and scammers out there. I mean, she got caught, which is great. but what makes her so different? She got caught and she got prosecuted, which every prosecution helps to set precedent.

It does make a statement. I

No, okay, so I can see how it makes a statement to the gold diggers of the world, but she's not what? No gold diggers in my, in my generation look like . Like she, I keep talking about why y'all keep [00:21:00] talking about how she looks. No, no, no, no. It's a huge music. I'm trying to understand how you guys keep talking about how she looked.

I mean, I said she was beautiful. You did say she was beautiful, but you did talk about how she looked and you're being sarcastic. She's in her own right. She does not look like. Our age, first of all, I don't know. She just looks older. She looks like a different. She looks kind of young to me.

I don't know. She looks kind of young. No, she looks like she's in her early thirties. She's in her mid thirties. Oh, she is actually in her mid thirties. Okay. That's actually yeah. Yeah. I mentioned in the intro. She's 37. Not that I wasn't paying attention to you, rod, this saying, but , I didn't love you man.

I just feel like somebody at this age is not set an an example for all the real gold diggers. 'cause gold diggers go as young as in their teens these days. So it's not set an example, and then also, this is kind of a different example because why would you try to finesse a [00:22:00] holocaust survival like that's evil.

A survivor of the Holocaust. That's just context. That's an additional detail. That's metadata. It's an 87 year old woman. She siphoned 2. 8 billion for going after money. I think they go after the money, but they also know they're going after like baseball people too. 

They'll go after people that have money, of course, but are not Victims like they're not trying to victimize you in a way. I don't know. There are way too many scammers who making way too much money for this to set any kind of precedence for anybody. They're making millions of dollars. I think it's a billion dollar industry scamming.

If not more, it might be a trillion dollars. I don't know, but they make If there is a ridiculous amount of money being made off of scamming, this sets no precedence. Matter of fact, she's not even going to be able to repay anybody. I think she got like a 2 million judgment or something like that.

She's not going to be able to pay that. So what difference does it make? So she's [00:23:00] losing, she's losing five years of her life. Four years and two months, and then we're not even talking about if she gets like good, good behavior or something like that, but it's jail time. Hey, this is no effect. I agree with you, Johnny.

That's not enough. But I think that this is a shot across the bow. I think that we need to see more judgments like this because they're sure horrible people would take of it. I'd like to see a high profile case. someone like Kevin Federline back in the day. Kicking the fall, that would have been freaking amazing.

What is the reference? I don't understand the reference. Oh, K Fed? Gold digger, man. He was after Oh, he was definitely a gold digger. Okay. So you're just, you're just, you're just translating him directly to being a gold digger. Okay. Okay. So you're saying gold diggers in general. I'm thinking, okay. So I feel like gold diggers will never go away then.

That's not because that's a whole I'm not saying She scammed him, [00:24:00] right? I mean, it wasn't just as simple as gold digging. No, there was wire fraud and stuff involved. Yeah. Yeah. So she was, she's scamming his mind. Sheshe pretended to be in companionship with him and he, that wasn't the case. So, um, no, she wasn't companionship.

I feel bad for him while she was making his money stayed. You know, I was gonna, I was gonna make a similar point to Jacqueline Robinson. She says it's an example of elder abuse, and she's despicable. George Foer says, I have to screen my dates more carefully as I age. I I think.

Older people need to protect themselves in general, but yeah, my mother in law bless her heart She she does things sometimes it just I just like really you know she'll get those emails and she'll get those messages and people call her and talk to her about her bank accounts and Um, and then we find out later that she gave out some information she shouldn't have given out and they're like, you gotta stop doing that.

[00:25:00] Please stop doing that. Yeah, they do that. You know what? You have to turn her on to, uh, Rogi's, um, Scammer Payback channel on YouTube. Because they do entire tutorials and breakdowns help protect people. Yeah, and they absolutely recognize that older people are a target demographic and they do some great videos, got some amazing content, scammer payback.

Yeah,don't know. We, and we tell her over and over again, what not to do and what to look for. It doesn't matter. I mean, if somebody, I guess, sounds good enough on the phone. Sounds like a bank person or sounds like this. We're going to cut off. We're going to cut off your electric unless you give us this and the other.

Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's easy for us to sometimes we get scammed. Yeah. Sometimes we get scammed, but she's definitely getting targeted. But yeah, she does decently. But once in a while. To give away some information you shouldn't have given away. We're like, oh my god. Truth [00:26:00] lies, shenanigans. Truth lies, shenanigans.

Truth lies, shenanigans. This is some shenanigans. It's not making a precedence. Ain't nothing happening. These scammers, these gold diggers, all of this. They're going to keep getting away with what they've been getting away with for all these years. Not going to stop because this woman went to jail and lock them up now, lock them up.

When you catch them, I come up, we just got to be smarter. All right, let's get into our next time. Truth lies shenanigans again. All right, I'm talking library and just librarians. They were on the brink of being put on Arkansas's most wanted list. For handing out books like Huckleberry Finn or To Kill a Mockingbird to minors.

They would have faced criminal charges for providing minors with materials deemed harmful under a new law, Act 372 in Arkansas. But a federal judge stepped in, temporarily blocked the law, which is great. But had the law gone into effect, it would have held librarians and bookstore owners criminally liable [00:27:00] for knowingly making certain Harmful books available to minors.

The man books are books that quote, appeal to a purient interest in sex, lack serious, literal, scientific, medical, artistic, or political value, and be patently offensive under community standards. This was the law. Now the hold is temporary and the ruling is still subject to appeal. So who knows still might happen.

And of course, this is spearheaded by Republicans and the law was signed by former Trump spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but let me ask Republicans whole platform is about small government when it comes to public transit. Student loans, health care, but they're fine with big government comes to jailing people for reading certain [00:28:00] books, abortions, restricting voting rights, policing classroom discussions on.

Sexual orientation, I mean, does this tell us that the whole platform is really about control? Or is it something else I'm going to start with you Robbie. So, this is happening in the U. S. S. R. I'm sorry the U. S. A. R. Because we're, we're banning books to control ideology, to suppress. Um, one of the most egregious ones that I came across was a children's series called Captain Underpants.

Oh, yeah. I read this series with my kids. I love Captain Underpants. Right? But just accusations that the main character is being disrespectful to authority, inappropriate humor in the 12th book created an increase in censorship because one of the main characters, Harold, turns out to be gay. Okay, well, guess what?

I [00:29:00] was reading these books to a kid who turned out to be gay. Great! He had a character that he could identify with in the story, go, that's me. I haven't told anybody yet, but that's like me. That's amazing. He's never told me anything like that, but it's, I think it's so important for the children to see themselves in that literature.

That representation really matters, right? Absolutely. It normalizes them. And I think that's absolutely wonderful. It's, um, it was the same thing for me with black literature, right? It's really funny to me that under the parameters, the criteria that they use to ban books, but the one book that they never want to bring up is the Bible because your favorite book is this as their, as their moral guideline.

This is where they're getting their values to then persecute. And remove other books, so it makes it makes me laugh because, oh, come on, like, Bible contains so many violence. They're making [00:30:00] actually. Yeah. If you want to go back to there, let me, let me go back to these quotes we're talking about. Let me go back to these quotes when it talks about sexual activity.

Period incest. Yeah. Yeah. Plenty of that in the Bible. Yeah, it lacks if it lacks serious, literary, scientific, medical, artistic or political value, or I take my advice on a regular basis, regular base, patently offensive under community standards, Bible genocide. Genocide isn't offensive. I agree. Exactly. I mean, it's a very dangerous 

I think the reason they keep the Bible is because besides their own agendas, I think the Bible out of all the books is one that can be interpreted differently. And that's why there's so many opinions on it and people read it and take it.

From a literary perspective alone from the content, Johnny. It contains murder,[00:31:00] it contains incest, it contains themes that are completely inappropriate for children and young readers. That's true. They lack the critical thinking tools to properly go through this. They lack the historical context and knowledge to properly go through this.

It's a dangerous book to expose children. It's more dangerous than... Most of these books that I see on the band list, the U. S. has over 50, almost 1, 500 books on their band list. That's actually, I didn't know that. Some of them are just, it's ridiculous. Yeah. And a lot of it is based on anti LGBT sentiment.

Most of the books on that band list is because there are pure characters or pure themes. That's a good point because I was going to say that it seems like They always try to act like a hero like we're trying to save protect the kids from weird media but it's like your real agenda is you don't you want to protect them from discovering sexuality [00:32:00] And that's why their real.

Um target is like books about sexuality and things like that and Basically LGBTQ like they want to ban that type of theology, but I think that regulating books isn't necessarily a bad thing because like Rob said, the fragile minds of teenagers and young adults say they read a book on S on sexual assault or they read a book on like harming yourself or suicide.

I think that teenagers is different than young readers, minors and up. Minors, to me, tweens and up, when you develop critical thinking tools, and you are living in the world, you are aware of these things, you may not. Be very familiar with them, but they are on your periphery. You've heard someone talk about it.

You've seen it in TV. Yeah, I've seen it in movies. You've read about it, but the law is for minors, which includes teens. Yeah, and it's ridiculous because as they're [00:33:00] developing their critical thinking, they need to be exposed to these ideas. That's when they need to be exposed. I think they should be exposed to the ideas, but when it comes to certain books, that's why I said regulating.

 like you should never not hear about self harm or sexual assault. you should know that those things exist, but they're not necessary for children is what you're saying. They're not first. Yeah. No, they're not necessary for children.but I do think as a teenager, you should kind of be slowly put into that because there's certain books that I read that I feel like traumatized me.

I'm not going to lie, like certain books as a fragile mind. Say you're on the verge of suicide as a teenager, you have a weird lifestyle and you're just on the verge of suicide. And you read a book about.

A kid who committed suicide, you know what I mean? Like you don't know what kind of state that that can send somebody in. I mean, but you don't know any type of book games and it's same as movies, like watching certain movies that you shouldn't be watching and listening. But you don't know with any book, you don't know with any [00:34:00] movie, how somebody is going to react and respond to it.

So, I don't know, I feel you, Gianni, but at the same time, I don't know. I don't know. I remember in, I think it was grade 4, grade 5. We had a friend, a classmate who's a teenage brother committed suicide. And the lesson that we got from the. Priest during the service was that acdc was horrible music that led to the devil and horrible ideas

I mean, well it could so I can't Appreciated Reading a book that dealt with the topic of suicide because it would have helped me understand it to be more empathetic Towards my friend who lost his brother in the most tragic violent manner possible. Yeah All right, here's, here's my thought. There is value to those books and exposing children to those ideas.

Death is a [00:35:00] part of life. And unfortunately, deleting oneself is something that happens in every family unit. Yeah. The question I have is, who gets to decide what's harmful or not? these are such broad definitions, who, who's making those decisions, who's making the call on what our kids can and can't read.

History has shown us time and time again that when you ban books, it's a slippery slope. I mean, To Kill a Mockingbird was banned for its portrayal of racial injustice in 1984, banned for its critique of the government and totalitarianism. You know, but like Robbie said, these books challenged us, made us think and ultimately made us a better society.

I think. And then and let's not forget there was a time when slave owners created a separate slave Bible. Removing references to slavery and uprising and. You know, trying to attempt to control their slaves. Because they knew the [00:36:00] words have power and the power of ideas and they did everything they could to suppress that power So they didn't give them the Bible that Robbie was talking about They gave them a watered down Bible to allow them to be continuously controlled.

I mean the Robbie's was saying, you know, like the Bible what has been manipulated over time to guide people a certain way And words have those powers, so when we aren't able to hear alternative thoughts, alternative thinking,I will save Johnny, you know. Protecting our kids is important.

There are some themes that are not good for children. Right. But the thing is the person that needs to control that narrative is parents, not lawmakers, parents need to be doing that. I mean, if you are going to be a lawmaker, maybe you make it easier for parents. Sure. Go out and do a PG 13 type thing. PG.[00:37:00] 

Uh, you know, are rated and you rate the books like you do with movies and like, you do with video games. At least it's a guide for parents to make decisions. And then, you can't give our rated books. You can't sell our rated books to. A 10 year old. Okay, I get it. Makes sense.

Yeah, because that theme is not necessarily good for them. So, I mean, there could be a balance to that, but banning books outright and holding people responsible for whatever they decide is harmful. Nah, that's BS right there. I don't believe in the absolute of either. I don't believe you should, like, completely ban certain books 

 And I don't think you should, like, just. All information, we should just take it in and filter it because some people can't handle it. And we've seen the effects of people not handling certain media. So, the government definitely wants to control it. No, no, get them out of here.

Government shouldn't be controlling. Parents should be controlling it. There's some really great comments online. Uh, we've got Jacqueline Robinson. These people aren't well, they want a permanent [00:38:00] underclass and a theocracy. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is ignorance on steroids. It's all part of a larger platform to keep young people ignorant. Keep in mind that she just enacted a law, lowering the age for children to work in dangerous jobs. George fornia, the world has gone mad. Jose, uh, we are heading towards a society full of dollars dollars. Is that a Canadian word?

I'm pretty sure it has its origins in the U. K.

All right. Is this truth, lies, shenanigans? Um, this is shenanigans. This is truth. It's scary truth. But absolutely born of shenanigans. Absolutely born of shenanigans. They're trying to lock up librarians. Oh, God. No, they're trying to lock up ideas, Johnny. They're trying to suppress [00:39:00] ideas. Robby.

That's very true. Very true. All right, I got another topic. We got to go a little quick on this 1 though, but let's talk about it., Truth lies shenanigans again, we're talking about senators Dianne Feinstein and Mitch McConnell, of course, Joe Biden, Donald Trump are seasoned aged lawmakers.

So recent events have raised questions about their ability to serve effectively. Einstein's been struggling with health issues. And this past week, Mitch McConnell was caught talking. And he completely froze mid sentence during a news conference. Let me share that. everyone. Uh, we're on a path to finishing the NDA, uh, this week. It's been good bipartisan cooperation and a string of, uh,[00:40:00] 

And he's just has a blank stare right now.

My goodness. So completely blank stare.

Okay, Mitch. Anything else you want to say? I'm sure it's go back to you. Do you want to say anything else to the press? He seems to come back a little bit. He's still kind of disoriented. Yeah, but he is disoriented.

You see, I'm grabbing on to the, um, post for the silk rope for stability. Also. So this is thrust the issue of aging and office in a spotlight. It's got us asking when should a member of Congress step down and who gets to make that call? Is it the member of Congress or who else? Now we all know age can bring valuable knowledge, experience, leadership, wisdom.

But my question, is there an age [00:41:00] where that no longer matters? Is there a point where the scales tip Johnny, I know you've been pretty vocal about this in the past. Why don't you start us off? yeah, because I told you before I like older people because I like I just feel like it's one a tradition and two, I think there's a lot of wisdom with older people, but it gets so tricky with politics because I feel like there's not a certain age in the article I brought a good point when it said People age differently.

So one's age doesn't determine their ability. That's a really good point. That's probably the biggest point that I can make too. Because Mitch McConnell is like clearly a mess, no offense, because I don't like, you know, he's clearly not doing well, but somebody else's age could be sharp as a whip. Like they may never be in that situation.

Bernie Sanders is pretty sharp for his age. Kind of. I think that when we start, I think that when [00:42:00] we start seeing obvious signs, that's so vague, though. We, this system needs something more targeted. Like. Maybe mental cognition tests. I don't know. I don't know something, something where we do annual tests.

And if they're slipping behind on tests, then we can start absolving their responsibilities. I don't know. I think there should be a system that at a certain age, they should start to start to get tested and. See, if they still are fit to run, it's insulting, though, to say that they're not, it's insulting to them.

They want to think about. I can appreciate what you're putting down, Johnny. It's insulting, but I mean, there are restrictions in any job profession that you take on. You reach a point. Either you can't fill the needs that the job requires, or you just don't meet the requirements. I think that there should be, we've talked about this so, [00:43:00] so many times.

There really should be an age restriction or someone who is serving in office, because we know that it's not an easy profession. It's not an easy calling. It takes its toll on these people. We see them age. Tremendously over the course of their careers. But what's the age? You said there's an age limit.

What's the age limit? how do you define the right age? Because there is value in, being older with wisdom experience. 75. So advisory committees. advisory committees and panels can be made up of seasoned older politician. But those who are actively writing laws need to have a foothold in a young in the younger generation as well as the older generation, because there's that wisdom.

And that ability to grow simultaneously to be open to new ideas. When you reach a certain age, we know that you become closed off and set in your ways. I don't know what that magic number is, Neil, but as far as having a clean, healthy bill of health, we would have to go [00:44:00] to the medical experts and look at what the averages are to determine what that baseline is.

But it would be getting that baseline. But like you said, there are definitely older politicians who are smart as a whip, uh, who might do as well and serving, but you know what, if they're serving in advisory panels and committees, that's a good idea, subcommittees. Absolutely. Absolutely. Thank you. Thank you.

They are actively involved and their help steering us in the right direction. And when they lose their. Capacity and contribute to that process. It's easier to just move them along because these aren't elected position. Yeah, I actually hadn't considered advisory committees. I think that's a good idea.

Actually. Yeah, anyway, so I agree agent experience, they're valuable and, um. You know, senior members of Congress have been through a lot seen a lot. They've been through political cycles. They can step in and they know what to do. You know, Biden has been in. the [00:45:00] political world for so long, he could step in and be an excellent president because he's been.

Through it, he's seen presidents come and go, he knows what's involved in being a president and they provide ability, especially in a, in a climate like this, where, it's pretty unstable, but, these politicians in general, and I'm not just talking about the really old ones, they're just not in touch with the concerns and priorities of this younger generation, changes in technology, culture, society, Let alone they don't even understand most of them.

I mean Lauren Bobert and Marjorie Taylor Green know how to use social media. They're great at Old Republicans. Old, old. I mean, they should have like a shadow. Like somebody should shadow them. Like a big brother. That's another good idea. I was watching a show that they do stuff like that. I think it was called Silo.

 on Apple plus TV, by the way, um, but then you have these career [00:46:00] politicians where they're more concerned about just making sure they have a job and that they can make their money in their job rather than actually serving the people. So I hear you on age limits, but I don't know that that's fair.

I'd rather term limits actually, these people have been around for 30, 40 years since the 19 somethings since the 20th century, and now they're still there, you know, 40, 50 years later, you know, I could see term limits. We can have some longer term limits for say, senatorsand, uh, representatives than we do for the president.

President's what, eight years? Yeah, we could have some longer term limits, maybe 20 years as a term limit. I don't know about an age limit, but you convinced me a little bit. You convinced me a little bit. Interesting comment from George.

I think there should be. Let's hear George's comment. Yeah. So in Canada, judges have mandatory retirement at age 75, so it could be the same for politicians. [00:47:00] Because a judge is appointed for their capacities to be able to discern what is right. So I think 75 is actually a reasonable age. It is reasonable, but I mean, I'm trying, since I'm trying to live to 150, right?

I know that means that's 75 years that I could not be in this position and that's not, well, you can do like humanitarian work. My retirement will run out by then.

I mean, unless I, unless I make some million somewhere, I'm not sure a million dollars would carry me along, but All right, let's get these. You'll survive. Let's get these comments. So Paulette, what an uncomfortable feeling to be watching that. It was uncomfortable. I have to admit, I have to agree with you.

Yeah, it was awkward. As you said, George Fournier, he says there should be age limits serving in office [00:48:00] and Jacqueline Robinson said McConnell and Feinstein have had serious ailments in recent months. It is clear their cognitive abilities are impaired. Biden is iffy, but he's still an effective politician and negotiator.

Nancy Pelosi, and I totally agree, Nancy Pelosi did the right thing in training younger lawmakers to step in to leadership roles. And now we have a new, head of the democratic party because Nancy Pelosi decided to take a step down. no, but she did extremely well while she was in there with her experience and leadership.

I don't know. So yeah, Pelosi. All right. Well, thank you for your comments, everyone. Is this truth, truth lies, she shenanigans? Um, it's the truth. I mean, true. Really. It's chicken. It's true. If they have age limits on young people, you have to be, they're too old. They're too old. It's just, it's true. Af cr af I mean, [00:49:00] I'm looking at Feinstein.

And even if you look at Mitch McConnell, he's lost a lot of weight in recent months. he's not looking good. It's all right. Let's get into our game show. We'll lighten it up a little bit.

All right. So we have a fun game show. We're going to try to make this work. We don't have a lot of time. So we're going to do one round and then we're just going to see who does the best. All right. Today's game is rhyme time. This was suggested by the lovely Gianni Storm. We'll spin the wheel.

It'll give us each a word or phrase to rhyme, and we'll spin again, and it'll give you a topic or subject to rhyme about, all right? We'll judge each other, and if you get two yeses, you get a point. Person with the most yeses gets the final thought for the show, all right? 

 Robby. You're going to set the stage for us.[00:50:00] 

All right, Robby, you've got it. You've got a rhyme. Cross my ocean. That's easy. The words cross my ocean. What? Well, at least ocean

talking about Netflix, um, rhyme, ocean, that's a tough word to rhyme. Actually, you don't have to rhyme the sentence. Just that first part. Use the sentence. Rhyme. Yeah. Use the ocean is the rhyme. Yeah. Use the sentence, but ocean would be the rhyme rhyming word about Netflix. All right. Ready? All right, man. All right, go.

Netflix and chill. What is the rhyme? Want to give you all of my time. A woman across my ocean. Thank you.


I was feeling, I was going to say, make you feel the motion. Oh, I thought he was going to say lost my motion or something. Like I thought he said, make girl, make you feel the motion. All right. So wrong answer. No good. Robbie answer. No good. Robbie. All right, Gianni. We're going to see if you could do it better.

Let's see if you could do it better. This was your idea. See how you do access your problem. Oh, we got an easy one. Rhyme wheels.

And you're going to talk about stretching wheels, talking about stretching. Okay. Wheels is the rhyming word. And you're talking about stretching. You ready? Yes. Go. I'm doing yoga stretches, you know, I got the fields. I'm in my heels. Um, [00:52:00] that's it Wait, you said wheels?

I didn't hear you say wheels. What'd you say? What was the rhyme again? Oh, I thought I just rhymed wheels. Heels and heels and heels. But you didn't say the word wheels. She did as well as I did. Which is wrong. I thought it was righty. I thought that was the point. You just rhymed the word. You don't say the word in the...

You rhyme with the word. Okay. Okay. I almost got it. Mine was a train wreck. Yours was a minor derailment. Alright, let me see what I can do. I don't know if I can do this. This is tough. This is one of our toughest games, man. Okay, I gotta rhyme Hulu. Okay, Hulu. I gotta rhyme Hulu. About hide and seek. Hide and seek

and Hulu. Okay, I don't got it. Alright. [00:53:00] I don't got it. this is good lord. Okay. I'm watching Hulu. And some Star Trek with my man, Sulu, and we're playing hide and seek with my nephew who's on fleet. Oh, I mean, you beat me and Rob, you beat me and Rob. I don't know, you guys are judging, I don't know, you guys are judging.

All right, so I get it. All right, so that means I win the game Man, that was tough I gotta practice that before I come back do that again Officially embarrassed right now. I'm embarrassed. That was horrible It was hard

No Don't put me on eight mile. All right, let's get some shout outs and Gianni. No, [00:54:00] honestly, shout out to the rappers. Shout out to rappers and artists. Um, shout out to the Rhymers. Yeah, for real, because it's a real art out there. So shout out to you guys. Especially when they're doing freestyle, she, I don't know how they do it.

I mean, some people are like, really good. All right, Robbie Rock, uh, circling back to some of the stuff I said at the intro, just a shout out to anyone that's coping with the loss of a loved one. Let your inner circle know how you feel. Okay. Okay. All right. And my shout out, of course, is to my lovely wife. I have to close out the night with a shout out to Mel.

So thankful to have you in my life. I love you very much. Always and forever. All right. That is officially all the time we have for today's show. I'd like to thank you all for joining us. Hope you learned something, gained a new perspective. Maybe had some laughs with us without terrible rhyming. [00:55:00] Look for us live again, Wednesday at 8 p.

m. Eastern time and look for our official audio episode this Friday and every Friday on Apple podcasts, pods, network, DODZ, or anywhere you listen to your podcast. The final thoughts, I want to say rest in peace to Peewee Herman. Oh my God. Paul Reubens, who died this past week.

I don't know if you guys... The Sheen! Did you used to watch it, Robby? Did you used to watch, uh, Pee Wee Herman? Ahhhhh! So sad. So sad. So... Really sad. Rest in peace, Paul Reubens. Pee Wee Hermans. We love you. Uh, except for his little snafu. Mm hmm. Oop!

Robby knows what I'm talking about. That was the show. All right. Thank you. Robbie Rog. Yeah. But most importantly, we need to thank [00:56:00] you for listening to our shenanigans each and every week. I want to thank all our commenters out there as well. Have a great week, everyone.

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