Truth, Lies, Shenanigans

Trump's Joker Jailed, the Suicide Salesman, and That Show That F*cked Me Up

September 01, 2023 Marielle Vizcarra Season 4 Episode 32
Trump's Joker Jailed, the Suicide Salesman, and That Show That F*cked Me Up
Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
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Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
Trump's Joker Jailed, the Suicide Salesman, and That Show That F*cked Me Up
Sep 01, 2023 Season 4 Episode 32
Marielle Vizcarra

In this gripping episode, we unpack the arrest and Joker-like mugshot of Trevian Kutti, Kanye West's ex-publicist,  because of her involvement in Trump's RICO case in Georgia. We also dive into the morally complex tale of a Canadian chef selling euthanasia kits. Special guest Marielle Vizcarra, the creative mind behind "That Show F*cked Me Up," joins us to offer her unique insights.

Check her out at:*cked_me_up!_

Disclaimer: This episode discusses sensitive topics, including suicide. If you or someone you know is struggling, please seek help immediately. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24/7 at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255).

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Show Notes Transcript

In this gripping episode, we unpack the arrest and Joker-like mugshot of Trevian Kutti, Kanye West's ex-publicist,  because of her involvement in Trump's RICO case in Georgia. We also dive into the morally complex tale of a Canadian chef selling euthanasia kits. Special guest Marielle Vizcarra, the creative mind behind "That Show F*cked Me Up," joins us to offer her unique insights.

Check her out at:*cked_me_up!_

Disclaimer: This episode discusses sensitive topics, including suicide. If you or someone you know is struggling, please seek help immediately. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24/7 at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255).

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[00:00:00] Hey, welcome to the truth, lies, shenanigans, podcasts, social commentary, hot topics, and amazing guests with a ton of fun and shenanigans along the way. Today, we are joined by special guest host, Mariel Vizcara. She's a poet, playwright, and host of the That Show F'd Me Up podcast. All right. And in our hot topics today, we're unpacking all that [00:01:00] nonsense behind Donald Trump's arrest in Georgia and that joker smiling publicists.

Then we're chatting about the Canadian suicide salesman. All right. If you're stopping in for the first time, we record our podcast live on Wednesdays 8 p. m. Eastern Time on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch TV, TruthLiveShenanigans. com. We want your comments to make it into our official audio podcast, so you can download it on Fridays on Apple Podcasts, POS network com, or anywhere you listen to your podcast.

 get to YouTube or Facebook at TLS live show and start typing in your comments and questions. All right, let me introduce you to my co-host today. First up. We have the nature lover, the gamer, the rock star coming to you from Ontario, Canada, Robby, Robby. Hi, everyone. Glad to be back for another round of great [00:02:00] discussion.

And I really, I just had a great week. The weather's been a little bit cooler at night, but it's been lovely because the hummingbirds are back. Blue jays are back. It's just, oh, Johnny, the hummingbirds are coming up to within. Maybe two feet of us, and so we can hear their little wings flutter, their tiny little bird chirps.

It's just, it's thrilling and it's peaceful. Oh, it is so cute. Like Joe and I get giddy when we hear them, but it's just. Yeah. We love doing it at the end of the day because it's just such a peaceful way to recenter after a busy day. I was gonna say that. Yeah, The true nature. Yeah. The true nature live around.

Yes. Listen to the hummingbirds. It's good for all of us, man. Lap their rings. It's good for all of us. Exactly. Mom's truth. Hummingbirds are a sign of the good omen, so if you keep on seeing them, that's a good I know. Yes. Yeah, the excellent. Yeah. Johnny wouldn't know that. [00:03:00] Jacqueline Robinson says, good evening, everyone.

All right. Our young, our next up, we have our young vibrant model business owner streaming from Atlanta, Georgia for the time being Gianni storm. I love how you added that in Neo. That was good. Um, but like you, Rob, the weather has actually been kind of different here. It's been raining a lot. I don't know if we're getting like the after effects of some hurricane somewhere, but it's been raining pretty heavy.

Oh, yeah. There was a hurricane that hit Florida. Yeah. Yeah. So we're feeling something from it, but I've had a lot of time to just be home and I've been brainstorming actually a podcast idea that I may want to do.

Yeah, I've been thinking about it. So I've been brainstorming and I've been using chat GPT to help me get creative. There you go. [00:04:00] It does. Because essentially I came up with, um, a podcast called future horizons. So we basically are going to talk about like our kind of pop culture, societal big topics, but kind of see where the trend is leading.

Like where is this getting us to? So for example, like relationship dynamics. Are different these days, like, where is that going to, where's the trend leading to basically, okay, all right, we're going to flush it out. Interesting. I like it. I like it. Okay. We'll see where it goes. You let me know. I'll try to work it out with you.

You might know. Oh, yeah, that would be nice. You know, yes, I'll do that thing. Get you on positive network too. That would be great. Yeah. All right. And of course, I'm your host, Neo Knicks. So guys, I know I've been talking about, I want to live to [00:05:00] 150. Fine. Yeah. Make, I wanna make it happen. I don't know if I'm make it.

Are you sure? Robbie asks you that all the time. He always says that. He always says that. Robbie asks you that same question all the time, but I don't know if I'm gonna make it. 'cause I got all these age related issues already. I got arthritis in my knees. Obviously I have no hair right I have neck issues.

I got all this stuff, so, but now I'm dealing with this heartburn, this damn heartburn. Last week, yeah, last week I had a really, really bad have like intense pain in my chest and I was having trouble swallowing and I got to have an endoscopy tomorrow. So I don't know what it is, but we're going to

yeah, what's your caffeine intake like your synthetic caffeine intake like? I don't, I don't drink caffeine. I don't drink coffee. I drink herbal teas. Okay. I use ibuprofen on occasion, not often. I prefer turmeric. Oh, I [00:06:00] love turmeric. Do you drink hip beer? No, I don't. Okay, really fear. Okay. I'm on it. I'm writing it down for fear.

Okay. We'll hold you. Do you do any snacking while you're lying down? So, no, I don't do snacking while I'm lying down, but I was making a mistake of eating. Not long before I went to bed, so I was doing that. Oh, I do that all the time. It can be like a hiatal hernia thing. It's an acid reflux. I think that's what it might be, actually.

So I'm gonna, um, again, endoscopy tomorrow. I'll let you know. Yeah. At least you're on top of it, Neo. At least you're doing something about it. Some men will not even care. With the pain I was feeling, I had no choice. It was, I'm telling you, I thought I was, it was very painful. It was a very, and it still, it still hurts to, like, swallow sometimes.

I mean, it's... It's a very painful thing. So after you healing, yeah, hopefully [00:07:00] it's all good. Hopefully we're all good. we'll see. It's getting old, you know, all right. I've got to introduce you guys to one more co host joining us. Today is incredibly talented. Mariel Vizcara, I've been trying to say her name all day.

It's fine. Some people can roll their R's there are people that roll their R's and there are people that don't, you just fall in the don't category. I am the don't category. All right. She's a bilingual Mexicana Americana And podcaster, she is the voice behind the, that show F me up podcast.

And let me tell you, she is killing it. She's in her 10th season. They're right. 10th season. Nice. Yes. I just, it just was just my birthday. The birthday of my podcast. She turned two. Happy birthday. It was August 12th. Yes. Had a very special [00:08:00] birthday episode. So, so I've been doing this podcasting for now two years.

I think I've gotten better. I went back and re listened to some of my earlier episodes and I was trying to be really professional. And I remember when I first started, it was just like, I was pausing every like couple of seconds because I thought I was messing up and now right now I could just talk for a really long time.

me, took us a while here too. It took us a minute toI think we're still working on it, you know, but yeah. And you can actually check out her podcast right now on pods, PODZ network. She's also a founding member of the.

It's a play on words, uh, is a lollipop and that translates to letters, so it's like 4 letters, but yeah, it's a play on words. Very cool. Word letters. Yep. All right, so everyone give a warm TLS welcome to [00:09:00] Mariela

Vizcara, welcome to the show. Thank you. So Mary, you're going to hang out with us for the entire show. So let's just get to know you a little bit. 10 season of your podcast. I'm sure there's not much that people don't know about you, but can you tell our TLS audience anything that they couldn't go online right now on Google and find out about, yeah, of course.

Um, Around 10 years ago, I experienced a 7. 2. So that's something that you can't, I don't think you can Google that about me. Yeah. So it wasn't, it was on Easter Sunday. We were all outside, you know, and then all of a sudden the earth started shaking and I just saw like the electricity pole, just like going back and forth.

Oh, wow. I feel like my reaction was to stand up from my [00:10:00] chair where I was sitting at. I remember I was eating like. Cake, you know, and I stood up and my mom was like, sit back down. Like, what are you doing? Like, it was just like, like my reaction. So, yeah, I experienced 7. 2 earthquake.

I'm from the Imperial Valley, so we're used to earthquake. So a lot of our buildings are prepared. They're all mostly made out of wood. So it's more flexible and they move. there was damage. Uh, there was only like two casualties, I mean, only, but still, like, RIP. So bad. I'm sure those two, two families weren't too happy about that.

Yeah. But, you know, I've actually experienced an earthquake, too. It was weird, though. I was here, and there was an earthquake here in the Washington, D. C. area. And I felt it, but it was like very light. I mean, I was like, what is that noise? It sounded like a big truck going by. I'm like, what is that?

And then I ended up like the next. I think that next week I went to San Francisco and there was a bigger earthquake [00:11:00] in D. C. Like the 1st 1 that I felt was like the beginning, but then there was a bigger 1 when I left. Right. Okay. And then I came back from San Francisco all the way back to D.

C. and then there was an earthquake in San Francisco, a big one. I was like, I'm just avoiding earthquakes. It's you, it's you. You felt the first one and you were like, absolutely not. I had my radar, my earthquake radar went on or something. So I was just avoiding. Oh, Mike Winters online. She says, he says, we need to work on your Spanish Bama.

Or at least the accent, at least the accent, the rolling, the R's. So Maria, how, how did you get into podcasting? Yeah, I had an idea a long time ago with my friend. I just wanted to start a podcast and the initial idea was just like two gals talking, I even had the name for it.

I created the [00:12:00] logo, but it just never became a thing. I was actually a TM trademark, the name is Las Coquetas and it's basically just like flirty gals. Uh, so I was going to do it with my friend and then like, it just fell through. I think it's also a lot of work to, you know, get together with other people that have their lives that have that, like their full time job and stuff like that and plan out a whole podcast.

And it like. It's really hard for me, so a little trauma dump, really hard for me to depend on other people, uh, and I always use the analogy. Yeah, I always use the analogy that when I was in high school, I played tennis and I played singles and how I loved it because if I had a bad day, I had a bad day and it was fine.

You know, like, no one is depending on me. Yeah, it was on me, but with doubles, it's just like, if you have a bad day, then your partner also has a bad day, you know? Yeah. So [00:13:00] I was just like, I was just like, you know what, eff it. I'm going to do this thing by took like a while planning it, maybe like a year or so.

And then, you know, I wanted to record a couple of episodes before I even got it started. So I could just, you know, have those and not have to, like, every week try to, like, hurry up to have another episode recorded. And I was like, okay, I know what I like. I love TV shows. I love watching TV. I love immersing myself in the story.

I'm just good about TV shows. That messed me up, like, that traumatized me, that activated my fight, my, is it fight or flight mode? Yeah, it is. I always say that if a TV show isn't activating my fight or flight mode, like.[00:14:00] 

I think it was a great idea for a podcast. When I listened to your podcast, I mean, you, you keep me engaged and interested and I just keep listening. And I'm like, okay, wow. I was going to ask, where your podcast theme was inspired.

But since you said that, I wanted to know, are you going to have like guests on the show or would you ever think about having guests possibly kind of comment with you on certain episodes that you guys have walked, watched together? Absolutely. So usually after each season, I have a wrap up episode where I either.

 get, like, a true life case or, like, a real life scenario that actually happened that goes in par with what the actual show was about and I've had some guests come on. I don't know if y'all watch there of East town. It's an H B O Max. Definitely rec, oh my God, y'all wanna get messed up.

Watch Mary out Mayor of Easter. It's really . Kate Winslet [00:15:00] comes up and watch us kiss. Um, so , one of my dear friends, she is a teaching artist. What she does is that she goes to like jails in San Diego. And she teaches, like, inmates theater and, like, playwriting and stuff like that.

But she also goes to, like, juvenile halls and it aligns with, like, one of the storylines in Mary East Town. So she was, like, she was really interested. She really liked the show. And I'm like, come on as a guest and let's just talk it through. And, like, I asked her questions and she She kind of told me that she personally prefers going to the actual jail with adult inmates.

Then going to the juvenile halls, because for juvenile halls. It's, like, mandatory, so most of, like, the kids that are there, they're going through it. They probably don't have a good support system. You know, they've experienced, like. Horrible amounts amounts [00:16:00] of trauma and it's just like, they don't want to be there and they're obviously going to act out, but with like adult inmates, they want to be there.

They want to learn. So it's like, she's like, yeah, I think she has like a wait list for her class. And it's like, it's really cool. Yeah. Very cool. All right. So with, with your show, with your podcasts, that show F me up. I thought we chat a bit about some shows that kind of F us up. I mean, obviously you have a whole podcast about like all the shows that asked you up, but I figured we should probably come up with and think about like some shows that kind of mess us up.

So, so, so Gianni, why don't you start us off Gianni? So, so I'm more of a movie girl, but I will let you know that recently you guys have most likely have heard of this show. The Dahmer series. [00:17:00] Oh, Jeffrey Dahmer. Yeah. Yes. So it's inspired of Jeffrey Dahmer's um, killing spree. And the reason that show F me up besides the obvious was, I think, I think what F me up besides like showing like the hands and like the parts and body parts was kind of like the sick way he was into kind of praying and, and And what is it like stalking these men and getting them back to his house?

Like, I know we have like a bunch of killer shows that show that or like documentaries, but this series did a really good job of showing it. And it messed me up because now I can't trust nobody in my neighborhood. I can't trust them. I can't go outside without thinking that people are like watching or it's like this just mentally, like psychologically, it messed me up.

Did you do an episode on that? So don't watch Maria from Dahmer. No, and I'll tell you why. I am a true crime junkie. So I love true crime stories. I could listen to podcasts all day about true crime. Um, [00:18:00] I know the real case and I was like, no, it's so messed up. I can't watch it. Like I can't bring myself to watch it because it makes me so angry.

That the police were able to, like, stop him multiple times just because he's, like, a white guy and he presented himself really well and because at that time, like, If it was like something to do with like a gay relationship or homosexuality, like the police just looked the other way. Mm-hmm. . So it makes me really, really, really angry.

So I haven't gotten myself to watch it yet, Y , and I was like, I'm not sure that I wanna, clearly it effed you up. You know, I started watching it. I started watching like the first few episodes, but I don't know. I, I wasn't feeling the series. So I, I think I watched maybe the first three and then I just, I guess, because I knew the story [00:19:00] and I don't think it was like engaging me.

I don't think that the show itself was engaging me more than I just, it was, I don't know. I didn't finish it off. So. And I don't even feel like in a way they did. They did humanize him a bit. But, um, I mean, they dehumanized him as well. I didn't see the end, but they also dehumanized him. But, um, I don't know.

I just I wasn't feeling it. So I didn't I didn't finish watching it. Did you see it, Rob? Nope. Nope. Um, yeah, Joe is the true crime and shows that F me up junkie in our relationship, falls asleep to it. And I worry, but I feel like I'm concerned for her. Mike Winters says Evan Peter's acting was amazing. Mike Winter says, yeah, Evan Peter's acting was amazing.

Worth the watch for sure. Yeah. He needs a break from those traumatizing roles. Yeah. Does he, does does. He always [00:20:00] does. I dunno why he does that. Yeah. Yeah. I enjoyed dystopian sci-fi kind of storylines. Um, so, always been a big fan of, uh, Twilight Zone, The Originator, and then Outer Limits, Black Mirror, that type of stuff, because they present you with storylines that really mess with your mind.

They do. It's dystopian. That's scary. Um, another one that I've enjoyed on Netflix is, uh, Love, Death, Robots, because it just presents so many different storylines and Oh, yeah. They can be really messed up. Yeah, just because what people can do to one another in real life is scarier than anything you can put on the screen.

So, yeah, I don't know. It's just kind of, I enjoy that kind of stuff. Even Rick and Morty is one with their story arcs where it's just like, what? Like you went that, you went that deep on this? I mean, I was like Rick and Morty. No, Rick and Morty is a good one. I haven't watched it [00:21:00] completely. I think I've watched like two seasons.

But I totally get it. Adventure Time. Like it's literally a kids show. The storylines. I love Adventure Time. Why

do I not know this show? I've never heard of Adventure Time. why. Yeah, it's on Cartoon Network. Literally. Okay. Alright. I don't feel bad. Rob, what did you think of the last season of, uh, Black Mirror? Um, I can't say that I've watched all of them. I haven't seen all of it. Yeah, so there's just select episodes that I've seen here and there.

Yeah. But yeah, just some of the stuff that's presented. I'd like, I'm an it guy. I'm very techie. So some of the stuff that I'm watching is kind of going, okay, that's reminiscent of this. It's like, wait, this is reminiscent of China's social credits. This is, yeah. You talking about that? Ideas can back that episode.

I know what episode you're talking about. Yeah. It was with Ron Howard's daughter where she just has one bad encounter at a coffee shop and people [00:22:00] start writing her down. And first she's a socialite and now she's just. Then at the end, she's like the person that she was looking down her nose to. Wow. Yeah, that's, that's the lesson.

 I recommend, uh, the second episode of season six. It's my favorite. And to think about this last season, most of the episodes were in the past, where usually it's in the future for Black Mirror. So like, it was really, really good. Okay. Yeah. My wife actually, my wife actually binged all of the most recent episodes and she doesn't like horror genre, which is surprising that she actually watched because I was like, you're watching black mirror.

You don't like that. But she was all into it. So, and she was, she was watching the most recent season. So something about the most recent season kind of resonated with her. But Jose says I love all horror genres, books, shows, TVs, et cetera. Nope. But you guys like kind of like sci fi horror. I think horror to me is more like paranormal or like [00:23:00] gory, like blood or something.

That's really horror to me. That's scary. Jacqueline Robinson says I love horror, psychological thrillers, and true crime stories. Absolutely. For me, the show that effed me up with the first thing that came on my mind was, uh, because it was a mini series was the movie. It. Oh, I watched that. I forgot how old I was.

I don't even know how old I was. I know I was scared, like, senseless for days, weeks. I was couldn't sleep at night. I was sick. I don't know. But I'm sure you've seen the most recent movie, right? It was a mini series on TV and it was just it was so scary. I was like, done. I don't even like, I'm not a big fan of horror genre anyway.

But, um, but that was in November of 1990, my friend. Hey, hey, hey, there's no reason to bring a date, buddy. I mean, [00:24:00] nice. So 1990 was, I would, uh, 1990, I would have been 16. Yeah, I was, I was, I was, I was terrified of clowns, but I mean, just the whole, well, he wasn't just a clown, right? I mean, he was a creature that was turning into a clown.

So he wasn't just a clown, why wouldn't you be scared of like Freddy Krueger? Jason X? Yeah, that's crazy. I don't know. I, you know, cause I watched those movies and I, I liked those movies. Actually. I loved, I used to love Freddy Krueger and I wasn't really scared. I'll take that back. I'll take that back.

I was scared because. There were some times where I would go to sleep and be like, having a nightmare. And I'm like, I want to wake up, but another show, another show that, that asked me up was a real show was this one right here, punky Brewster. [00:25:00] How, how did that what I'm it's kind of in a good way, though, because, the show is about, a little orphan, like, similar to, like, any kind of latches on to this older retired single guy and they kind of become family and.

You know, it was a feel good show, but I will tell you, I used to cry when some of the episodes I like rewatched some of the episodes recently. Cause I was like, I forgot all about that show. And I rewatched it. It was waterworks. It was waterworks. I can't lie. Yeah. So emotionally, it kind of effed me up a little bit, but anyway, like when it says, bless your heart, scared of Soleil Moonfry, I had a little crush on Soleil Moonfry, I ain't gonna lie though, I did have a little crush, especially when she got older, I was like, oh, okay.

Anyway, so, alright, so that's that's a little bit of, uh, [00:26:00] shows that effed us up, is that right? Yes. Make sure you check out Mariel Vizcarra's Podcast that show that effed me up where can they find it other than pods network wherever you listen to podcasts, Spotify, Apple podcasts, look it up.

You'll find me. Yeah, great podcast. Nice. All right, let's get into some of these hot topics. I'm up first truth lies shenanigans All right. I I've been trying to avoid the hell out of Trump topics this season But this arrest in Georgia is just too much craziness going around not to talk about it.

But the funniest thing to come out of all this is this mugshot of Kanye West's ex publicist Trevian Cootey. I hope I'm saying her name right. I don't know, but she is Trevian. Okay. She is one of Trump's co defendants and in her mugshot, she is grinning ear to ear like she's the Joker's long lost sister.[00:27:00] 

Big story. Is Trump along with Cootie, Rudy Giuliani, this guy, Harrison Floyd, who's part of Blacks for Trump and 19 total defendants are all tangled up in a web of charges in Georgia. We're talking serious stuff, racketeering, conspiracy to commit Rico. Yep.

Sorry, Rico charges. All right, Racketeering conspiracy to commit election fraud, even attempts to influence public officials. then the blacks for Trump guy, Harrison Floyd even got charged with resisting arrest. Um, and then let's not forget this is just another of Trump's legal woes.

He's facing 34 felony charges. from, his hush money payments to, uh, 34 stormy Daniels, right? Falsifying business records, et cetera. And he's looking at a trial date. For the January [00:28:00] 6 riot, so he's got a lot going on right this year, and this is as he's running for president again, um, but here we go.

Here's my 1st question. So, this woman Kuti is she just a touch crazy. And my other question is, my other question is what stands out. To you guys with this circus of a trial. Let's start with Robbie. Is she crazy? Is she crazy? I mean, she was rubbing elbows with Kanye and then rubbing elbows over here. So yeah, maybe she got a touch of the cray cray going on.

Yeah. Okay. Well, that's exactly that image. So

if you keep showing that will be 1 of those shows that F me up, but no, like she absolutely has to have some kind of dysfunction just with what she [00:29:00] was able to do. Like, just how all you have to be. To show up at someone's door to coerce them for this person to say, you know what, I'd feel more comfortable having this conversation at a police station and agreeing, going to the police station when you're falsely, you're, you're falsely representing yourself as an official.

So, yes, she is crazy. Absolutely crazy. And I think she's maybe trying to go with that Trump defiant look where it looks like, I don't know, like there's something happening in the bathroom, but yeah, right? Absolutely not. And what, I don't know if there's anything that really stands out to me. Yeah, she's got, her eyebrow game is on point.

I'll give her that, but if there's, I don't know if there's anything that really stands out to me yet, Neo, but I'm really, really looking forward to watching them. Turn on themselves and just eat each other from the inside. I [00:30:00] can't wait to watch that transpire. I feel you on that. With 19 defendants, guaranteed somebody's turning on somebody.

and they're probably going mostly for Trump. So no doubt. What do you think Mario? I think Girly is slaying. Oh really? Like Gianni said, eyebrows on point. Her eyebrows look good. She is, uh, like she's glowing. Like, she's, she's looking good. I think out of all the mugshots, hers is the best. Like everyone else looks like all, all of them.

Nah,They look, they look like they died already and someone forgot to tell them, like, you know, except her. Forgot to tell them. I don't know, I think, is she, is she crazy? I think she's a little delulu. She's a little delusional. Is she going to snitch? I think she's a ride or die.

Like, honestly, I think she's going to ride or die and not snitch. [00:31:00] She does not give me snitch vibes. Me either. Yeah. I was going to add on to what Mariel was saying. I feel like she's going to ride it through 

And, and I, I don't think she's crazy. I just think she's a character. I think you might be right. I mean, she's not an unattractive woman, actually. if you look at normal pictures ever, she's not unattractive.

She's not she's not unattractive But yeah, I don't know. I don't think she's crazy I think she just wanted to do like Rob said take a Defiant type picture and it just turned into this craziness. I don't know that she knew it was gonna look like this But she's probably getting like she's getting a lot of attention I mean cuz I didn't know her name before and I wouldn't have cared like all the if I look at the whole Other mug shots, I don't care about nobody else, nobody else matters.

Everybody's looking at her. So she, she brought some attention to herself. So whether it's in for me or whatever, [00:32:00] I mean, I don't know. Let me get to the comment online real quick. We got Jack and Robinson. It's not funny. She is straight evil. What she Harrison Floyd and Giuliani did to Ruby Freeman and Shea Moss is outrageous.

They upended those woman's lives. Because they could. I hope they sue these jokers into poverty and bad health. They said they ended their lives. Not end it, but ruin their lives. I mean, they were, they were really aggressive with these, um, election officials really, really aggressive. So they, yeah, they was, they were very aggressive.

Um, I really do feel bad for Ruby Freeman. Volunteers probably right? They're like, oh, I'm going to do like, my duty and volunteer at this like, whole center and then like, everything just like. Yeah. Becoming so chaotic. Yeah. Yeah. They're just like those little [00:33:00] ladies that just help you, you know, with your name and give you a card.

I mean, that's all they were. I mean, they were just, like you said, just helping out volunteers. Ridiculous. Mike Winters says she and Candace Owens are mentally ill with their self hatred. I want to talk real quick about this guy, Harrison Floyd, though, because this, this, this, the blacks for Trump guy, 

So much about him. He's, I mean, oh, so basically he leads the, um, I don't think, I think it's called the blacks for Trump. I'm just saying blacks for Trump, but it's something very similar to that though. Like black, proud blacks for Trump or something. I don't know what the hell. Worse. Anyway, but I, like I said, I don't know a whole lot about him either, but he did resist arrest when they got there and then he assaulted an FBI agent as well. when you're already in hot water. Goodness gracious. Yeah, dude. I am for a penny and for a pound when you say [00:34:00] defiant, Apparently he did stop when they flashed the gun. No, yeah. Do you think Trump is going to actually spend time in jail? Like, what are you guys thinking after all of these, you said 34 charges are over 30 charges saying the numbers are against him. He's got something. He's got it. He's got to get one of these charges got to stick.

Right. Right. If you throw enough crap at the wall, eventually something's going to stick, but this is all manufactured by him. Like he threw it all into the fan and it's coming back. So this is just brilliant. I'm just saying something's got to stick in with all the 19 defendants. Somebody's going to turn on his ass.

I mean, somebody, yeah, they do want to save their own butts. I mean, who wouldn't? I mean, these people are going down at this point. And then you got Giuliani, Giuliani and don't forget, like, when they talked to Meadows, he just, okay, well. Here's exactly what happened in that phone call.

This is what transpired. This person's. So immediately, it's like, okay, so first opportunity. [00:35:00] It's starting to happen. So. Yeah, and everyone's going to, they're going to be offered deals to flip on one another and it's going to happen. It's absolutely going to happen. Mike Winters said Harrison is the only Bama who's sitting in jail.

Apparently, I don't think he's still sitting in jail. I think he, he made bond and I think it was diamond and that those 2 ladies diamond. Diamond and silk, I think they actually helped pay his bond to get him out, which is one of them dead. Yes. Yes. I think they also bailed out the pastor. The pastor, that's right.

I was reading an article. Maybe it was the pastor that they helped bail out. That said that he needed to be in church, my son. Bless his heart. Excuse Louise. Yeah, right. And these Rico charges, I know you said Rico, but these Rico charges, that's, they're pretty serious charges. They're like when they use, they were put in place to take on the mob.

So they're [00:36:00] basically treating these 19 defendants as mobsters, which says a lot. So that mugshot starting to make sense then she. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, they should, they, they were pretty awful in the way they treated these people. But.

Oh, that's right. A diamond and silk are not both alive. Sorry. Good point. They're not both alive. So it wasn't both of them. It was one of them. Uh, Jacqueline Robinson looked it up. She says Floyd's attorneys raised 300, 000 through crowdfunding to get his sorry butt out. So they, so it was the pastor. All right.

I see. That's why I love having an engaged audience. It was on our toes. All right. So let's ask, are supposed to

be started. I know [00:37:00] you'll take him down a whole other. Johnny knows all about it. I know too much about it. All right. Is this true? Lies or shenanigans, this is giving me shenanigans. I know you don't have your paddles, but this is this truth lies or shenanigans. Mario is a lot of shenanigans, a lot of shenanigans, a lot of shenanigans going on 

All right. Great conversation. All right. Before we get to our next topic, I've got to take a minute to remind you about pods network. PODZ network. If you haven't checked out pods network, you've got to check it out along with truth lies shenanigans. Our guest, Maddie Alvis Cara of the that show F to me up podcast is on pods network.

Another couple of podcasts. [00:38:00] You should be checking out the sister sesh podcast. Listeners are taken on a journey with two stoner sisters, Alicia and Kat, as they navigate their way through life, relationships, and sisterhood. Get ready to roll one, light it up on the couch as he's two sisters share their experiences and perspectives on a range of topics in a lighthearted humorous way.

They're pretty awesome. It's a fun podcast to listen to. And there's the just be you podcast. Listen to Delia Pena as she's redefining herself and taking a leap of faith to create her own brand, follow her experiences as she shifts from employee to entrepreneur. Sharing lessons and the people she meets along the way.

You're looking for engaging, fresh, new podcast, head over to pods network. That's P O D Z network, aspiring podcasts, curious listeners. While you're there, don't forget to download the latest episode of truth. Flash [00:39:00] shenanigans and that show F me up. All right. All right. Let's get to Gianni. Gianni, you want to talk about the suicide.

Salesman from Canada and a warning. Our next topic deals with suicides. So if this topic is triggering, you might want to turn away.

Yes. So there's this guy that's under investigation in the UK. Um, his name is Kenneth law. He's a Canadian chef, um, and has been linked to 88 deaths. So he's accused of selling more than 1, 200 lethal kits online to people contemplating suicide in about 40 countries. He was said to have boasted that some buyers had told him he was doing God's work.

Law was arrested and charged on two counts of counseling and aiding suicide in the deaths of two Canadians. So guys, my [00:40:00] question is... aiding suicide Ever morally justified. So did you say two deaths? I thought it was like 88 deaths. He did, but he was charged on the two charges. Like that's what they're actually going to get him for.

Yeah. Okay. But he is linked to 88 suicides. Yeah. Yeah. Actually, it's on what I read. It's almost 101. Now it's up to 101. that he's linked to. Oh, that's horrible. Okay, now, see, I'll start off. I got to be honest. I mean, if someone is hell bent on ending their life, they're going to find a way. And, you know, there is that.

So, when I look at this guy, there's no reason or no excuse to make it easy. And that's the problem that I have is that he's using his means to make it easy, right? Because [00:41:00] some people are on the fence sometimes. And, or they're going through a crisis in the moment and having easy access to taking your life leads to regretful actions.

And of course, once they're gone, we can no longer regret it. But there are people who have tried to commit suicide, survived and regretted that action. So making it easy is not a good way. You know, I don't like that. He was trying to profit part of the problem too, is that, um, he was counseling and aiding people.

So he, so, like, you were saying, you know, people who were on the fence. It was nudging them, like, he was nudging them. This is the action we should be taking. Um, and that's where the Peel police in the Toronto region nabbed him. So, he's already in, um, [00:42:00] in the system in Ontario right now, Johnny. So, after the announcement out of the UK.

Uh, Peel Regional Police announced that, uh, Mr. Law is facing an additional 12 charges in connection to deaths with people across, uh, Ontario on top of the existing four. Um, and, you know, when I start reading these community names, I'm familiar with all of them and to know that this vile individual is preying on vulnerable people and he's definitely getting some kind of satisfaction out of their end.

So it's, I really, really hope that he gets definitely get it. He was definitely getting a monetary satisfaction. Yeah. So I really hope that they really go after him at a local level, at a provincial level. And if this goes to a national level, at least in Canada, extradition laws aren't going to come into play, but I hope that he will also [00:43:00] face, um, crimes for basically like, these are international crimes.

Yeah. So he needs to be held account. At every level of what he's done, because it's, uh, these people who did end their lives. Their families lives have changed forever. It's a, there's no coming back from that. So, yeah, I really hope that they go after this guy because he's a special brand of. Individual.

Yeah, he said at one point that the reason that he was doing it was to provide for his family. And I get it times are hard because he apparently was a restaurant owner. And during the pandemic. He lost his restaurant and a lot of people did that. And so to make ends meet, he came up with this plan. Um, but so random.

And then he, like I said, he said, you know, he was, he actually said that [00:44:00] he was, when he was in court, he was just trying to provide for his family, but exploiting someone's vulnerability for financial gain, that's a hard note for me. You know, this gotta be a line that we cross that we don't cross. But what do you think?

How was he like, even marketing his services? Like, that's my first initial thought. Um, and also, like, was this like the satisfaction aspect of it all? Like, it could have been monetary, but it could have been even more perverse. Like, you know, what is he getting from this? Is this a power trip? Is like, I think someone in the chat was like, oh, he's basically playing God.

And yeah, he's doing that. Um, so I, I, I'm curious as to, like, how he found these, uh, like, vulnerable individuals. Yeah, that is an interesting way. And I know that he did have a website. It's now that it's down now, of course, but he did have a website and I'm sure that certain [00:45:00] SEO or certain, certain ways that he was able to get because, you know, there's teens and there's most of his victims were.

Pretty young. So they're already kind of looking up those, those things on the internet and happened to find him probably by some certain keywords. I'm sure. Yeah, he was just hosting. He was hosting a number of self harm websites. So he, like you were saying, people, anyone who's thinking about it has that ideation, puts those search words into an engine and comes back.

He had it set up. Yeah, oh, yeah, it was set up, but there's this issue of assisted suicide because, some people. Want to, leave this earth because maybe they're dealing with a severe illness. Maybe they're. In pain, maybe they're struggling. And, it begs the question, are assisted suicides okay?

Are they reasonable? Should [00:46:00] we be helping people as opposed to trying to prevent suicide? if, if this is what they want to do, you know, help them do it in a proper way? I mean, I know you have in your life dealt with both sides. You've dealt with a brother who's committed suicide and you've also had a father who was Assisted in the transition had assisted transition.

What are your thoughts? Well, the medical assistance in dying was actually that the whole process was very eye opening the series of checks and balances that are in place to ensure that there's no exploitation that no one is being taken advantage of. To make sure that their interests are being served all the checks and balances are there and I was really surprised to see how stringent it was.

Um, but this online, uh, do it your DIY [00:47:00] kit. Uh, no. No, because I know that, um, basically it was sodium nitrite and which is a food preservative, but he was including like a respirator, the rubber hoses so that you can basically inhale too much of it. And that's what was, that's what is causing people's demise.

I was looking it up and I couldn't find anyone who was willing to either. I couldn't find anyone who's willing to put out. The process, you have to look at Canadian news sites. You have to look up north. Clearly. You know what, in this instance, yeah, the schmuck in question is 1 of ours. So, you know, apologies for that.

All right. Yeah, it's, um. What he's doing is, yeah, it's, it's not even close to the medical assistance and dying. It's not even close to a medically assisted suicide. It's, um. It's horrendous, it's horrendous that he's luring [00:48:00] them to a website and then he's giving them an out. He's. Encouraging them to take the out.

Do we know how much he was getting for each suicide kit? They didn't really talk about his profits, but it's, it just said how much he sold over a thousand or, um, 1200. Yeah. Lethal kits. I mean, I've never dealt with anyone who had committed suicide, so I don't even know what that must feel like or to lose someone in that way.

So I know, like I said, I know Robby you, you have, but. He's said, I mean, if if it's medically assisted, the family has prepared for it. You support your family members decision. You love them and you do what you can. If it's the opposite end of the spectrum, if it's sudden, violent and unexpected. That's when the train wreck just goes through your life.

And, I mean, there's always that damage that just [00:49:00] lives there. You learn to live with it and you, you try to find good ways to cope with it. And I think that by speaking very honestly and openly about getting help, when you're having those thoughts, that ideation, you need to connect with the right resources.

And unfortunately, people may have been looking for the right resources and found him and he pushed them over the edge. That's, yeah. That's really vile. It is. He exploited their pain that they were at their lowest. He exploited it and just yeah, go ahead. Do it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Uh, Mike winner says, uh, a lot of people who are terminally ill are tired of fighting.

This is not a black or white issue. Like, most of life, there are nuances to be considered. And as you said, Mario, um, I can wrap said. Basically playing God, which is appalling. All right. I just want to say if you or someone, you know, is struggling with thoughts of [00:50:00] suicide, help is available. Reach out to the national suicide prevention lifeline.

1 800 273 8255.

All right. Is this truth, truth, lies, or shenanigans? Um, this is some truth, unfortunately. Some awful truth. Awful, awful truth.

All right. Abby, we really don't have time for the next topic. Is she, are you on truth? Lies? How about truth? How about truth? She's on team truth. Team truth. Y'all didn't tell me to prep my sign. I would've had it ready. . Oh, we shoulda. Yeah. We'll make sure next time, next, when you come back, we'll make sure you have it ready.

Absolutely. I just wanna make sure that her, I just wanna make sure that she is heard, that's all. That's right. Thank you. Thank you, . All right, Robbie, you did have a topic. I want you to just take a minute to [00:51:00] kind of just share with our audience what it is. We won't really. Discuss it, but just share with what has to fair enough again.

All right, so real quick, we're going to take it back to March of 2011, when Earthquake Bohoku registered at 9. 0 on the Richter scale and triggered a tsunami off the northeast coast of Japan's Honshu Islands, with devastating consequences, one of them being structural damage to the Fukushima nuclear reactor.

So almost 12 years later, on August 24th, as part of the decommissioning plan for damaged reactors. Japanese officials began releasing the treated reactor water into the Pacific Ocean, and China is none too pleased about this to the point where several sanctions are being put into place, including a ban on Japanese sushi.

So yeah, yeah, there's some interesting stuff because really my question was, is the ban on sushi warranted? Would you [00:52:00] drink the water? Yeah, I love nuke water. It's good stuff. I like my water. Who wouldn't love

some nuclear nuclear water? That sounds radioactive.

All right, well, thank you, Robby. That's crazy. That's absolutely crazy. But, um, but you know, if we believe Japanese cinema, we know that Godzilla comes about from some sort of nuclear accident. So good job, everyone. Good job. They're trying to, they're trying to raise Godzilla. Y'all might get superpowers if we eat sushi.

I don't know. I don't know. Hey, let's do it. Let's try it. Seems like a win to me. Mariel, you first though. you, I'll let you, I'll let you get the super. I was actually talking to someone today. I was like, I had some amazing scallops ceviche this past weekend. And my [00:53:00] colleague was like, Oh, I'm not really into scallops because I feel like, you know, they're like, I've eaten them before and I've gotten really sick.

And I was like, look, I'm here for a good time. Not a long time. I'm gonna keep eating my sushi. I'm gonna keep eating like seafood. Like live your life. You know, like raw

seafood. So delicious. I do like sushi. It is good. I have me, I'm, I'm not a sushi. All right, let's get to our game show. Let's get to our game

show. All right, today's game is the fun game Would You Rather. The app will give us two options, would you rather this or that, and we'll answer, and we'll all answer the question, and then the app will tell us the most popular answer. Whoever correctly matches the most popular answer gets a point. Person with the most points at the end.

End of the [00:54:00] game wins the final thought for the show. All right, let's get to it. Would you rather always have to skip? I'm sorry. Would you rather always have to skip everywhere or run everywhere?

I just envisioned myself skipping everywhere. I'm sorry. See? And that's why I have to go with skipping because it would be such an entertaining world. I think I would do skipping. Yeah. I'm not a runner. I'm absolutely not a runner. I'll skip. Where are you at Gianni? I would skip, but if you run, you can get there fast.

The C said skip is correct. All of us get a point. 

 All right. Would you rather have a monkey as a pet or a pet chameleon? How's that even a question? You know monkeys bite your face off, right? I would do chameleon. No, those [00:55:00] are apes. No, you're talking about those are apes. No, monkeys, chimpanzees will bite your face off.

Yeah, chimpanzee's not a monkey, it's a primate. Booyah!

What's a primate monkeys are primates. What are you talking about? All right, let's just answer this question. Turn you apart. Go for it, Mike. All right. So, okay. We got two chameleons. I'd rather monkey as a pet. Even if it bites my face off, let's see. They're too much work. Bucky is the correct answer.

Alright, next. Would you rather have to hunt for everything you eat We're only eating McDonald's for every meal. Oh, I'm hunting. Mickey D's I'm sorry, I'm not hunting. I'm not [00:56:00] hunting, I'm sorry. No, I'm not eating the Mickey D's. I'm a gatherer, not a hunter. A gatherer? What? Hunt? That's incredible to me. That is wrong, that is so wrong.

Who has the energy to hunt? I wanna know who in the world is, uh, answering these questions. That is ridiculous. And prepare your meal. No, . All right. Robbie, what do you have? Like three. I have two. Marielle and Gianni have one each. All right. 

 Would you rather have your parents come around all the time to your place or live with your parents all your life? Oh, my goodness.

Yeah, I wouldn't have I wouldn't want either. Yeah, they can come visit. They can come visit. All the time. Let's see. The answer is yes, we are all correct. All right, two more, two more. Let's see if we can catch up to Robbie. Would you rather accidentally drop your phone down a toilet or drop it into [00:57:00] a garbage can?

Garbage can. Garbage can. Garbage

can. Garbage can. Garbage. Garbage.

What? So 94% supposedly. So we all got it wrong. All right. See, last time, last one. Would you rather fight 1000 ant sized bulls or one bull sized ant? That's so crazy. Oh, sweet baby. One bull sized ant. 1, 000 ant sized bowls, please. Oh, that's right. 1, 000's not a lot. You're right. Yeah, I'll do the one, uh, bowl sized ant.

Let's see. Eww! Imagine a bear. Just 1000 ant sized bulls is the correct answer, which means, Robby, you win the game![00:58:00] 

Alright, so, uh, Mike Winner says, nobody wants monkey throwing poo at them. That's true. Because they'll do that. He says, also, I refuse to correct all of Neo's incorrect answers and statements. All right. Tired of it, . All right, let's get in some shout outs.

Yani, shout out. Um, shout out to my best friend, Laina, if you're watching this. She said she would watch soon. So if you're watching this, shout out to you, lamb. All right, Robbie. Oh, shout out to the sky watchers. Look up at the night sky to take an August 2nd full moon, which makes it technically a blue moon.

So what's of particular interest is that the earth is exceptionally close [00:59:00] to the moon as far as miles are concerned. And the next time we'll have a closer look at a super moon like this is in November of 2025. So look up tonight. Oh, wow. Wow. All right. I can't. I'm screaming. Shout out to my playwriting group, Maletras, they're the real homies, they keep me going and it's just great to be with other writers, other like minded individuals, it's amazing, I love them.

Maletras, am I saying it right? Maletras? Yeah, Maletras. Maletras. Maletras. Alright. And my shout out goes out to my sister Olivia. Who is our guest manager, does a lot of hard work gathering our guests, making sure they have all the information they had, they need, and she helped Mariel get on here. So, thank you, Olivia, for all of your hard work.

Thank you, Olivia. It was great. Awesome. Super preferred. Awesome. Alright. That is officially [01:00:00] all of the time we have for today's show. I'd like to thank all of you for joining us. I hope you learned something, gained a new perspective, or simply had some laughs with it. Look for us live again next Wednesday, 8 p.

m. Eastern time, and look for our official audio episode this Friday. Uh, on Apple podcasts, pods network. com it's pods with a Z or anywhere you listen to podcasts and make sure you check out Mariela Vizcara on that show. That FB up podcast, find it on pods network as well. All right. Robby Rock, final thought.

Alright, I'm going to leave you with a quote from Elizabeth Kubler Ross given Johnny's topic this evening. The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and [01:01:00] an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern.

Beautiful people do not just happen. Love that. Yes. Thank you, Robby Rock, Gianni. Thank you, Marielle. Of that show, F me up podcast, that show F me up podcast. Check it out. Thanks for chatting with us. But most importantly, we need to thank you for listening to our shenanigans each and every week. Have a great week, everyone.[01:02:00] 

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