Truth, Lies, Shenanigans

Coco, 'Angry Black Woman'? Plus, Burning Man & Sister Sesh

September 08, 2023 Kat Henson Season 4 Episode 33
Coco, 'Angry Black Woman'? Plus, Burning Man & Sister Sesh
Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
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Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
Coco, 'Angry Black Woman'? Plus, Burning Man & Sister Sesh
Sep 08, 2023 Season 4 Episode 33
Kat Henson

In this episode, we dive deep into Coco Gauff's recent tennis match controversy and explore whether the "Angry Black Woman" stereotype played a role. We also discuss the unexpected natural challenges faced at Burning Man and how event organizers and attendees can better prepare. Our special guest is Kat Henson, the host of the Sister Sesh Podcast, who talks about cannabis culture, personal growth, and her transformative mental health journey. Don't miss this engaging conversation!

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Show Notes Transcript

In this episode, we dive deep into Coco Gauff's recent tennis match controversy and explore whether the "Angry Black Woman" stereotype played a role. We also discuss the unexpected natural challenges faced at Burning Man and how event organizers and attendees can better prepare. Our special guest is Kat Henson, the host of the Sister Sesh Podcast, who talks about cannabis culture, personal growth, and her transformative mental health journey. Don't miss this engaging conversation!

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Truth, Lies, Shenanigans. S4E33


Ambient: The show is about to begin.

Nio Nyx: Hey, welcome to the truth, lies, shenanigans, podcast, social commentary, hot topics. Amazing guests with a ton of fun and shenanigans along the way. We are thrilled today to have Kat Henson, host of the sister sesh podcast. She's joining us to tell us about her amazing podcast and her business, Crescent Media.

Also, we've got [00:01:00] a couple of hot topics on deck. We're tackling the angry black woman trope in tennis after Coco golf's contentious match last week. And we're diving into the Burning Man storm debacle with thousands of festival goers were left stranded. Yep. All right. If this is your first time stopping in, we record our podcast live, Wednesdays, 8 PM Eastern on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch TV, TruthLiesShenanigans.

com. And we want your comments to make it into our official audio podcast that you can download Fridays on Apple podcasts, podsnetwork. com. Or anywhere you listen to your podcast. So get to YouTube or Facebook at TLS live show and start typing your comments and questions. 

 Let me introduce you to my co host first. Uh, we've got our gamer nature lover. Rockstar coming to you from Ontario, [00:02:00] Canada. Robby. 

Ambient: Thank you. Thank you. 

Rob: Love those intros, man. Love those intros. Uh, but happy hump day, everyone. I had an amazing paddle last weekend. And. The bald eagle got to redeem itself in my eyes.

So a little bit of a backstory. Last, the last time I saw a bald eagle was about three years ago and it was at a municipal dump on a rainy day. So it looked like a dirty, pathetic garbage bird. And it tainted my view 

Ambient: of it. Like an old jet. 

Rob: Yeah. Yeah. But on Sunday, uh, we were out on a local lake, uh, with our kayaks and The eagle was circling the lake for about an hour and it was just so beautiful.

Wow. It was just so majestic. Yeah. Was that 

Nio Nyx: like your second time seeing a bald eagle or something? 

Gianni Storm: Yeah, they're not common. I've seen a bunch. Yeah, yeah, they're, uh, unfortunately, [00:03:00] Johnny, they do come up 

Rob: here a lot. I've never. And they are definitely attracted to like municipal dumps and stuff.

They are around. Interesting. The closest sighting I've seen is just off my street, I was running and maybe about three hundred 50 feet from my house is my mailbox and as I was up for my run, this shadow was cast above me and I looked up and there's a bald eagle in my neighborhood. What's going on there?

Big bird. Yeah, I didn't I didn't see him with my own eyes until my late 30s. Okay, yeah, 

Ambient: so I just need to see them more and more around here. Yeah, I've seen them at a zoo. 

Nio Nyx: Yeah, they were almost extinct for a minute there, but they are coming back. Yeah, 

Ambient: they were. 

Nio Nyx: So it's seeing a bald eagle, good luck or something.

I guess it's 

Ambient: an auspicious 

Rob: sign.

Ambient: I saw 

Rob: a bald eagle, which you don't see every day. So that was the blessing. 

Nio Nyx: All [00:04:00] right. All right. Next up, our young, vibrant model and business owner streaming from Atlanta, Georgia. 

Ambient: Gianni Storm.

I've had a pretty chill week, like, there's been 

Kat Henson: nothing exciting this week that's 

Ambient: happened. But,

Kat Henson: what I'm excited about this week that I've incorporated is that I've actually started cooking some recipes that my mom used 

Ambient: to cook. Oh, like what? Now. Oh, nice. So, I'm, 

Kat Henson: yes. So, my mom made this Spanish dish, it's, 

Gianni Storm: it's like beefsteak, I don't know, maybe Kat can help me when she comes on.

We're different types of Hispanic, but still. But it's like, it's like, They're stipped. Oh, you don't have a tie. I can't wait for her to come.

Okay. It's beefsteak, rice and beans, and um, 

The, the, like, paste [00:05:00] base is like so free though. So it's like peppers, crushed peppers, cilantro, seasoning, all that good stuff. And plantains. 

Nio Nyx: Oh yeah. So fried, fried plantains. Sweet. 

Gianni Storm: Some fried 

plantains. Um, no, I, I made the 

salty ones. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah.

All right, you know, just incorporating some 

Nio Nyx: Nice. Yeah, I guess I get that type of food Like the plantains and the beef because my mother in law's Haitian Man, she's cooking. She cooks all the time all the Caribbean food 

Rob: for you to connect with your mom. That's amazing. 

Ambient: I'm so happy for 

Nio Nyx: before the pandemic, right? I was kind of a good, a decent weight, right? I want to say, but my mother in law came over to stay with us during the pandemic.

And goodness gracious, she was cooking all the time. I [00:06:00] mean, so she showed her appreciation by 

Rob: feeding you 

Nio Nyx: well, too. That 

Ambient: was her. Thank you. 

Nio Nyx: I'd love to try some of your food because if it's anything like 

Ambient: that,

confidence in a ride. I got you. I got you. 

Kat Henson: Wait till I perfect it, but I got you guys. 

Ambient: All right. 

Nio Nyx: Sounds good to me. Nice. All right. And of course I'm your host. So guys, so I started watching the documentary, catching a monster, Fogle from subway, right? No. Did you yeah, yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Did you know that he was like a pedophile and uh, Sponsorship I remember hearing about it when it happened, but I didn't know right I didn't I didn't really I really didn't know all the details I mean But he was really bad. he was he was a real creep Ended up going to jail for 

Ambient: like serial killer.

Nio Nyx: No, a pedophile. [00:07:00] Oh, okay. Little boys and little girls he was he was having sex with little girls and little boys and child pornography and stuff like that and But he only got 15 years in jail. I was like Yeah, 

Ambient: I got 15 

Nio Nyx: years and it reminded me while I was watching it reminded me of Mayor Patrick And for you, for you guys that don't know, Mayor Patrick was a previous guest on our show 

 he was arrested for child pornography, but did I tell you guys what eventually happened to him? No, 

Ambient: update us. 

Nio Nyx: So he pled guilty to 140 counts of child pornography, 140 count. He ended up getting 150 years. 

Ambient: No, 

Rob: you know what? Well deserved. 

Nio Nyx: Sorry. he only served 30 because he's got 120 suspended for pleading guilty, but 30 years.

I mean, but Jared Fogle was actually having sex with [00:08:00] children. I got 15 that that's saying that it was. Yeah, but we really didn't compare, but Jared Fogle definitely should have gotten a lot of 

Ambient: time life, but 

Nio Nyx: 140 counts got 140. I mean, I mean, I don't know. And there's no telling what else he might've been doing.

That's just what they caught him on. You know what I'm saying? 

Ambient: So, yeah, so 140 counts means like 

Kat Henson: they charged him 140 times or it was 140 pieces of evidence. 

Ambient: Like, 

Nio Nyx: where is that? That's exactly right. Each piece of evidence is a count of 

Ambient: the crime. Yep. No way. What? Yeah, so what 

Rob: I mean, with 15 years, we'll see if he makes it out because these types of offenders usually don't fare well in 

Ambient: prison.

Nio Nyx: Yeah, they don't. Yeah, that's something that Robson just said he won't survive in jail. she also said, I saw that I remember when Jared was arrested, but. I had no idea it was that bad. I didn't. I mean, I think he's 

Rob: going to be the [00:09:00] recipient of some unfortunate footlong 

Ambient: jokes.

Shut up, Rob.

Yeah, he's... Alright, with 

Nio Nyx: that, we just have to get our guest up in here.

Love is crazy. Crazy. Alright. Tonight we're joined by the incredible Katt Tenson host of the Sisters TE podcast with a focus on cannabis culture and personal growth. Kat's show is all about sisterly love and real life narrative. She's also the founder of Crescent Media.

Empowering, aspiring podcasters. Let's welcome 

Ambient: Canon.

Oh, good. Wow. How are you? I'm excited to 

Kat Henson: be here. You guys have like the most fanciest set of, 

Nio Nyx: appreciate that. I mean, I'm sure you heard [00:10:00] Gianni say, you know, you guys are a different kind of Hispanics. 

Kat Henson: Oh yes, there is a difference, there is a difference, 

Nio Nyx: different kind 

Kat Henson: of Hispanic. Thank you. Right. Kat, there are different and some Hispanics are very prideful to be that specific hit.

Like I know that Puerto Ricans are very proud. I know Mexicans are very proud and I know Cubans are very like loud 

Ambient: and proud. So there's, 

Nio Nyx: you know, what kind of Hispanic are you 

Kat Henson: So for me, like my grandmother always told us, um, have you ever that you're Mexican American and that there's a difference?

So if you've ever seen the movie Selena. Her dad tells her, we're too for the Mexicans, and we're too Mexican for the white people. And that's really what it is. That's how you feel. Yeah, because you don't really fit in to that part of it. So we have the traditions, we have the culture but I didn't grow up with the language.

I learned that 20s. Oh, 

Nio Nyx: really? So you didn't speak Spanish until you're 20. [00:11:00] 

Kat Henson: Yeah. Not until I got into the workplace. Wow. Did it 

Nio Nyx: come natural to you? 

Kat Henson: Well, I knew what certain words and phrases were, um, my grandparents. They were really hard workers. I'll put this into perspective.

They raised all 4 of their children. They raised, I want to say 20 out of 26 of their grandchildren, and then they raised about 15 out of their 20 great grandchildren, myself included. So it was 20 of us in a five bedroom home. It was multi generational and I love every aspect of it. I have an aunt, her and I are exactly three years apart, so she's three years older than me.

So I grew up with my aunts and uncles and my cousins and we all went to high 

Ambient: school together. 

Nio Nyx: Johnny. What kind of, what kind of Hispanic are you? 

Ambient: I love that cat broke 

Kat Henson: it down like that because I kind of feel [00:12:00] that way too. Like I am a Puerto Rican, 

Ambient: but you know, Puerto Rico is a part of America.

And, and my dad is my 

Kat Henson: biological dad is. I believe he's black. So I'm like in between and I grew up 

Ambient: speaking. Yeah. 

Kat Henson: Yeah. I'm Puerto Rican and grew up speaking English and Spanish. And so it's like, I don't fit in to either. So I'm just like, I guess. What they call Afro 

Ambient: Latina now with the inflection. So, 

Nio Nyx: okay.

First question I have to ask you is, can you tell us something our audience right now would not be able to pull up Google and say, who is this cat Henson? What can they not find on you?

Kat Henson: I live in Los Angeles. during my internship, I used to work in the newsroom in Burbank NBC newsroom. My one and only job was to hold a boom 

Ambient: mic,

especially for the morning news. [00:13:00] Oh my goodness. Just like, did you end 

Nio Nyx: up with some muscles? I mean, you gotta have some muscles, right? 

Kat Henson: Well, I was in college and part of our requirement because I have a bachelor's degree in media production. So a lot of it was, you had to put in hours, you had to find an internship.

And I was like, I will take anything I can get. And it was paid. And I was like, when can you find that in LA? 

Ambient: It's true. Even 

Nio Nyx: you get sometimes. 

Ambient: And it's a fun 

Kat Henson: experience, but it was getting up at 3 o'clock in the morning, getting it ready. Because, you know, it starts at 430 morning news, like, oh, 430 and it's on a, you don't think it's on a loop, but they have segments.

So from like, 430 and so maybe noon, you're just. You're really working in a good shift, holding that mic. 

Ambient: Wow. That's a long day. That's a cool experience. 

Nio Nyx: But real quick, tell us Sesh podcast. You know, what inspired you to create, you know, a show that explores cannabis [00:14:00] culture and personal growth. Tell us about that.

Kat Henson: Yeah, so this is is with me and my sister Alicia. Um, I came out of a really deep dark depression. I needed a project. I didn't want to do it alone. So I called her and I was like, I really want to do a podcast, but I don't know what to do. I don't know what it's about. She's like, well, then let's just get lit and brainstorm.

And so,

Ambient: so 

Kat Henson: we really took our first episode. We recorded a FaceTime and we just really broke down our weekly conversations of us. Um, and it's a cannabis lifestyle podcast. So we go through, you know, your We Kitt is, you know, my, we Kitt is different from hers. Your Kitt. Interesting. Yeah.

Ambient: It's a, it's, it's 

Kat Henson: the etiquette of a Puff Puff pass. Okay. I've heard of 

Ambient: this. I've heard of this. Yeah, Robby would know 

Nio Nyx: about that. Robby does. Yeah. 

Ambient: [00:15:00] Each 

Kat Henson: generation is different. What you call, back in the day, they used to call it like Mary Jane. Now they call it like a tote. Yeah. There's different names for cannabis, the more like it's integrated into our culture and more accepted in everything.

Um, so what she calls, like I was, I call her, I'm like, Oh, did you call your connect? And she goes, you mean my plug? That means that person that you buy weed from . 

Ambient: And I was like, what? What do you mean what's a 

Kat Henson: plug? And she's like, it's the Connect, it's the guy who connects you with weed. I go, yeah, I call it a connect.

She goes, no. My generation calls it a plug. Oh good. Like, like a plug and an 

Ambient: outlet. And she goes, yeah, you plug it in, he's your plug. 

Kat Henson: And I was like, so we, we integrate those things and we just share our lives together. So, if you ever have seen that 70 show, our premise of our podcast is really that, you know, that they're getting high, you know, that they are like, but they're having those weird conversations and there's open.[00:16:00] 

And when we have our guests on, we tell them just so, you know, is not required to partake. But just know we have. Forehand. 

Rob: So now, just to follow up on that, I, which famous stoners would you love to sesh with on the show? 

Kat Henson: We've said it and we're manifesting it right now. We want Snoop Dogg. Like, that would be Snoop?

So Snoop, Willie Nelson, and then like Jelly Roll. Those are like our top three. So, 

Ambient: what? Really? 

Nio Nyx: Who's Jelly 

Ambient: Roll? Yeah. Oh 

Kat Henson: yeah. Um, jelly Roll is an up and coming country artist.

And he has really taken the country scene by storm and he was a drug addict. He was a juvenile, um, adolescent. He was in and out of prison and so he writes and has tattoos all over him. Yes. And his wife actually is the host of the dumb blonde podcast and she used to be, um, sex worker.

I know that. [00:17:00] So she and they have a beautiful love story. And I just really am inspired by them and they've overcome a lot of similarities and challenges. That I have, and I'm just like, they can make 

Ambient: it, so can I. 

Nio Nyx: Jose's online. She's like a Snoop Dogg

Kat Henson: and Seth Rogen. Oh, 

Rob: What? ? 

Kat Henson: Yes. Snoop has, it pays a guy to roll his blunts, like that's his job. Refreshable 

Ambient: Blunt Roller.

That is an awesome career. Yes. Snoop Wee 

Kat Henson: a year to roll his weed. I was like, well 

Ambient: dang. 

Kat Henson: If you would have said dead or alive, I would have said like Bob Marley or even um, Cat Williams smokes weed and he's like a he's a comedian Cat Williams. That's somebody. Yeah, 

Ambient: he's funny People that you laugh with. An interesting stoner, I gotta 

Nio Nyx: admit.

Yeah. I don't really like the smell of weed, [00:18:00] so I wouldn't, would be smoking with nobody. 

Ambient: you have edibles, you 

Kat Henson: can have drinks. He doesn't like the smell of it, but he'll partake in, in a edible cookie and play his video game. And I was like, alright. 

Ambient: Yeah, 

Nio Nyx: but I'm not doing any sessions with nobody

Ambient: just making that clear. 

Rob: My guy is called the dispensary or the pharmacist, you know, it's, that's all legal for,

Nio Nyx: how long has it been legal? Has it always been legal in Canada? No, no, no. So, uh, the legalization occurred, I want to 

Rob: say about three years ago. Okay. But I've had my medicinal carry card for 

Ambient: about a decade. 

Kat Henson: Yeah, I have my medicinalI lived in California and it just fully stay legal. Then when I moved here to Arkansas, it was like, oh, I need my rec.

And so I was like, all right, I guess I'm going to do that. 

Ambient: I kind of had 

Kat Henson: a question, Kat. [00:19:00] Um, do you know any like trends or you, cause you know, the cannabis industry is always developing. They have like all types of new things and, and like I said, new developments. Do you have any. Or can you tell us of any trends that you guys would talk about, or you find like, interesting that you would explore on your podcast?

Possibly. Um, I think we explored this in a previous episode, sesh boxes are really, like, up and coming and. Every celebrity that, you know, that has partaked in any type of cannabis they will put out their own such box. So they'll work with a dispensary or a a weed farmer, a grower, and they will curate a certain strand just for them.

And then they have like their logos and their brands and stuff. We, yeah, so like, um, Dwayne Wayne just did. His first like luxury sesh box and we're like, my sister knows more about sports and I was like, I don't know who this guy is, [00:20:00] but yeah, 

Ambient: she's like, 

Kat Henson: oh yeah. And so we debated, like, is it worth the price?

You get a tray, some papers, you know. Is it worth the 60? Yeah, 

Ambient: it's just worth the space. You could do like Seth Rogen 

Rob: and just start your own company. And just have your own stock. Not curate a brand that people are paying for. But 

Ambient: here, this is my company. All the brands are mine. So Rob, 

Nio Nyx: you're gonna start growing in your garden, Rob?


Ambient: gonna start growing in your garden? I didn't know, you said Seth Rogen? I didn't know 

Kat Henson: Rogen. Yeah, Seth Rogen. 

 He's, he's an actor, the actor, right? And he has that funny, like, Jewish... Okay. I love Cedric. 

Ambient: Yeah, he started a 

Rob: cannabis company, uh, called Houseplant Marijuana and it's been very successful because he's been associated with that industry throughout his entire movie career.

So it was just a natural progression to, he's not going to 

Ambient: be a candy baron, but man, 

Nio Nyx: he's going to be a weed baron. Pineapple Express. Yes. [00:21:00] That's a great movie. Pineapple 

Ambient: Express. Slow, slow. Duh. Yeah. Okay. 

Kat Henson: Okay, there are stoner movies. There are movies that you can sit there and mindlessly. Like just enjoy your sesh you and that's that entertainment and you'll understand all of that That's what Cheech and Chong are like mostly famous for in their comedy That's true.

Ambient: We got 

Nio Nyx: an online question for you. So Jacqueline Robinson As climate change affected the quality of weed for growers, 

Kat Henson: I'm not quite sure, but I would assume. So a lot of, like, more industrial growing is done indoors in warehouses. So, okay. Under a controlled environment, especially if it's going to dispensaries and everything.

Um, I remember back in 2014, I moved up to Northern California and I lived on a wheat farm for a year and it was trimming season. um, you've traded room and [00:22:00] board and you trimmed and we wore masks and You know, it was all federally legal and regulated. So we had to have gloves and we had to have masks on and we had just sit there and it was 12 hour shifts sitting there trimming.

It sure is nice and we had to weigh everything. Yeah, and so you see the cultivation of it too. Each strain has a different growing process, depending on what it is. And even the seedling process even now, if you smoke, most people try to keep little seeds that come out of their nugs because then they can repurpose them and then they can grow them 

Ambient: grow their own.

Yeah, I can grow that. Oh, 

Kat Henson: I've grown one in my closet in college. I've grown a plant in my closet in college. 

Ambient: I heard of people. You are truly a weed expert. Connoisseur. 

Kat Henson: Yeah, no, I'm more of a just conno basic , 

Ambient: basic donor girl. So 

Nio Nyx: I'll just [00:23:00] talk about weed's. Been fun, but. Let's switch gears just slightly. So you in your podcast, as I listen to your podcast, you're really open about your mental health journey.

Um, I led you to podcasting and, and I've been transformative for you. Can you speak about, you know, your journey, your mental health journey and how it's been a struggle for you? Cause we talk about mental health often on this show because it's important to all of us. We all have our things that we're dealing with and I'm just curious what your experience has 

Ambient: been.

Kat Henson: so I, I have a child of an addict, um, diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of five. Wow. On my and a lot of, of that compression and, um, my lifestyle growing up was, you know, my family's part of, we're part of gangs and, and, and that kind of thing, and my grandparents really, um, struggled to kind of sheltered us [00:24:00] and protect us from those things.

Um, we, my uncles were always into drugs and selling and distributing and doing whatever they wanted. It was a different lifestyle. so for us growing up, it was like, we knew the cops were coming. Like, we knew the house was going to get raided before they ever showed up. We knew the things were going to be that way.

Um, so when my father died, I had a mental breakdown. Um, and. Dealt with suicide for the very 1st time, which is very hard for a 5 year old. How do you as a 5 year old comprehend that they don't want to be here anymore. Um, so I've been in and out of therapy throughout my whole life. And then I want to say, 4 years ago, I got diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder.

Um, I checked myself into a mental hospital and I was there for about a year and I was like, I want to get to the root of this. Like, I'm not leaving here until you [00:25:00] diagnose me like, I'm. And then I was married prior, so I went through a huge divorce and I moved back to California and I found a really great psychologist.

And that's when she diagnosed me and she was like, you know what? None of these psychotics that you wanted that you're taking is doing it. Let's try cannabis. 

Ambient: And I was 

Kat Henson: like, wait, nope. I was like, nope. You know, my history, I know addiction runs within me. I've struggled with my own addiction. I'm not going to touch it.

And she's like, well, let's try it. Um, and I've integrated that and have healthy boundaries with it. Has it helped the process? Yeah, it does. It helps a lot with the auditory hallucinations. So the way, if you don't know what, um, schizoaffective disorder is bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. So, um, I have the mood swings, highs and lows of, um, bipolar [00:26:00] one and yeah.

And so when I'm, my highs are my, I'm like, I'm great. I'm doing good. I'm a workaholic. I pick up too many projects and then something small and inconvenient. Will just be that catalyst. I'm like, all right, I'm a piece of crap. I don't feel loved and valued and appreciated. Um, and then I also hear voices. So that's where the cannabis comes in.

It calms. and lessons of PTSD of, of certain traumas. Oh, okay. Wow. 

Gianni Storm: Yeah. Thank you for sharing that. 

Ambient: It's very heavy. 

Nio Nyx: so what is that experience like when you're, cause my brother was bipolar and I think my mother was undiagnosed bipolar. I'm just curious, what is the experience like when you are hallucinating?

 are you aware that you're hallucinating or is it just a 

Ambient: certain 

Kat Henson: extent? So, when I'm very manic. I'm in a manic episode, and what I've learned is manic episodes are just like weeks. In months, they [00:27:00] can be years. There are those crazy, like, you just don't care about the consequences of your actions.

You're just going to do what you want to do. And you don't care about the regressions. I've had seasons and dark seasons like that. And then, um, that's where the hallucination is where. It's like those voices I have someone telling me in my ear. Um, and I, the best way I've able to describe it. It's like a radio in my head.

It depends on what's really going on in my life. So, if things are good, they're like, on a very low, like, white noise. If my anxiety is really high, it's very drowning, like. I can't focus. Um, I'm, my children are yelling and they're playing around and I'm still hearing other things. I will have to tell my partner.

Hey, I need a minute. Like, I need to step away. I need a minute. I've had to learn to communicate those needs and not, and that's really, really difficult to communicate. Like, Hey, I need a [00:28:00] minute, . Yeah, I'm overstimulated. Uh, you know, I'm, I'm not all here. And it's okay to say that I'm okay. 

Nio Nyx: It's gotta be tough to have children.

and trying to deal with your mental health the way you are, it's gotta be tough. Yeah. I've got 

Kat Henson: a lot of backlash because they're like, well, you know, you smoke. If you smoke, then you're not really a present parent. I was like, no, you have to understand. I have to smoke to be a better. Yeah, I'm better, you know, even if I need to smoke in the morning and, it's now the afternoon and we're chilling at the pool.

I feel better because I'm more present. I'm able to, you know, have those things. Yeah, as to if there are days where I decide, you know, I don't need it and I'm fine, I have those days to where I'm like, all right, I'm going to have a session today. I'm going to be do me and figure out life and, and, and have managed with other coping [00:29:00] skills.

Yeah, I journal, I, um, it's my podcast and my sister and I have kind of. Yeah. Our podcast we've created is to been very loving and safe space between us. And I think it's got, it's gotten us back to building a better relationship with Alicia and I. 

Ambient: Nice. That's 

Gianni Storm: wonderful. That's awesome. Yeah. I was actually going to touch on that cause you mentioned that it's a safe space for you and I'm sure for your listeners as well as we talked about.

Do you have any, or can you think of any memorable episodes or a specifically memorable episode that maybe you kept or your sister kept or your audience 

Kat Henson: kept with you? Um, I would think it would be my, or one of our last recent episodes, my sister officially came out, um, as gay. And, through that process, she, we were having conversations and she, through that process, she was taking our [00:30:00] audience through like.

Hey, I think I'm bisexual and I'm like, okay, cool. What's what's that mean for you? And then she's like, well, no, now I have this friend and we kissed and I don't know what that means. And so she's taking our audience to that. And so she was really afraid to come out to her father because he's just, um, a traditional Hispanic, you know, man, and they don't, they don't approve.

They don't. They're very, like, macho, you know, and yeah, they're, he's a very machismo and, you know, she had already came out to my mom and I and we're like, all right, cool. Um, what's her name? How did she make you happy? It's all that really matters. And so this, that episode, she really deep dived into, he, he kicked her out of the house.

He told her to leave. He couldn't approve of it. And, um, I think it was a good episode for me to be like, all right, I'm the big sister now. Uh, you know, I have to, and I was able to explain to her from a parent's perspective too, you know, and, and [00:31:00] we, and we got to display where exactly we're eight years apart.

So, when she starts to enter a chapter of her life, I just ended that chapter of my life. Yes, exactly. Now I'm in her 20s now, you know, figuring out her and in my late 20s, beginning my 30s and I'm raising kids and, you know, I've already been through multiple relationships and things. To get to where 

Gianni Storm:

Nio Nyx: am.

Yes. All right. Unfortunately, we are running out of time, but I just wanted to give you a minute to kind of share what's happening with the Crescent media, Crescent media business venture. Let's talk about that real quick. 

Kat Henson: So, I fell in love with podcasting and a lot of my audience would DM me and on Instagram and TikTok are like, how'd you grow this so fast?

And I was like, I've been a content creator for 12 years. Um, I just took a good eight year hiatus from [00:32:00] that did YouTube. I went to conventions. I went to anime expo, like I was, you know, living that. And then when I got into my first marriage it got very toxic and abusive. So I left the internet and then I showed up and I was like, all right, I'm on my second marriage.

I have kids and this is my life now. 

Ambient: That's like 

Nio Nyx: second nature for you. So that's awesome. 

Kat Henson: Yeah. I started an online course. And then I realized from there I can really use the degree that I worked so hard for, you know, use. Yeah. And for me, I live in a small town in Arkansas. So, it's.

The industry is not here, right? 

Ambient: Like, of 

Nio Nyx: course, Arkansas. No. All right. Well, thanks so much for joining us. Unfortunately, we are out of time now, but please just give any last word you have and just be sure to tell everyone where they can find you. And the sister sesh podcast. 

Kat Henson: Okay. So [00:33:00] first you can find us on our network pods, network 

Nio Nyx: network, P O D Z.

Kat Henson: Yup. Um, we are part of the same network, Spotify, Apple podcasts, and pretty much everywhere you can find your podcasts. and just come join the sesh with us 

Nio Nyx: sister sesh podcast. It's a lot of fun. So you've got to check them out. Thank you again, Kat for joining us. We really do appreciate your time. We've got to have you back sometime.

We have to give you maybe bring you back as a guest host. How about that? All right, thanks again. We'll talk to you soon.

Ambient: we're going to have to,

Rob: we're going to have to have a special episode, TLS sesh, TLS 

Nio Nyx: sesh, we're going to watch 

Ambient: you guys smoke, 

Rob: she doesn't smoke on air, but I mean, just, you know, full disclosure we have, and now we're talking, so, you know, right. 

Nio Nyx: We're under the influence. Watch you guys smoke . [00:34:00] All right, let's get into some hot topics.

Robbie, you're gonna start us out. You wanna talk about Burning Man? Tell us about it. Yeah. Shenanigan. 

Rob: Yeah. All right. If Burning Man wasn't crazy enough venue to begin with. this year the annual Nevada Desert Festival, renowned for its celebration of art and community. Based unprecedented challenges due to the heavy rain.

So, over the course of 24 hours, the region received an extraordinary amount of rain and it turned the festival grounds into a thick clay, like mud. That left vehicles stuck and attendees completely stranded with over 70, 000 people in attendance. Authorities advise people to shelter in place while the event organizers prevented entry and exit from the festival grounds.

there was a death that occurred and it is currently under investigation. But festival goers really showed resilience and community spirit and they stuck through it until it was [00:35:00] deemed safe for them to leave. And they left in droves at that time.

I would. Yeah. So, in the face of unexpected challenges like the storms at Burning Man, how could event organizers and attendees better prepare to ensure safety and an overall good experience for everyone? And should the event organizers be held liable for damages 

Nio Nyx: Yes. So burning man, I had to look up what it was. I mean, I thought it was actually pretty cool. I mean, it looked like, I mean, it's like, I didn't know burning man. It's not something I would have normally considered attending anyway. So, yeah, no, but it's like an eight day celebration, art, creativity, and, you know, it's in the desert.

Right? And so, yeah. There's probably no cell phone service. There's nothing, and apparently that was reading that they don't use money. You have to use barter and donations. You bring [00:36:00] your own food and water. Oh, 

Ambient: wow. Yeah. 

Nio Nyx: And, I didn't know that. You got your own electricity.

So that's why a lot of people are camping and stuff like that. And the only stores you find are ones that sell ice and coffee, apparently. So, I mean, it's horrible. And then they had these really strict community rules that they have, anyway, to answer your question, so the festival tells people that for the time you're there, you need to be self sufficient in their handbook.

It actually has a handbook, which as their principles and ethics, it's almost like a, almost like a cult or religion or something. 

Ambient: Um, it's a manifesto, right? So, I mean, the

Nio Nyx: attendees are told ahead of time to kind of like, you're on your own, be ready. So, but I would say if storms like this, you know, happen, figure out something.[00:37:00] 

Yeah, right. I mean, they gotta figure out something. They can't just like leave people stranded. Get them some water. I mean, how long were they stranded? 

Rob: Oh, they were just stranded for a couple of days. They were, they were leaving, uh, like, Monday and Tuesday. Uh, so the event organizers, once things dried up enough, event organizers asked people to delay leaving as much as possible to prevent congestion.

But after a few hours, everyone was just going. So we're talking like five, like, you know, traveling 15 miles in five hours time. I would be pulling out what's left of my hair. A lot of people just walked to the nearest town and hitched a ride out. I know that Diplo and Chris rock.

We're just trudging along the mud and someone came along with a pickup truck. I'm like, Hey, you guys want a ride? And they're like, yeah, we'll take a 

Nio Nyx: ride. Wow. Yeah. So celebrities got stuck. Everybody got stuck out there. I don't know. Anyway. So what do you think, John? [00:38:00] 

Gianni Storm: Yeah, I mean, it is the event organizer's job to, you know, keep them safe.

But like Neo said, there are certain things. If the event organizers are telling you the risk associated, and it is on something that you sign, or even if you have the ticket, then you're saying, okay, I accept X, Y, and Z, whatever comes. So, I do, I think, I don't think that the event organizers should have full blame or should pay for everything, but I do think that, um, did you guys say that they, they were there throughout the entire time the event organizers made sure that people were safe.

Ambient: They 

Nio Nyx: got stuck there as well. Yeah, like everyone was stuck 

Rob: because it was just, it was just this clay pack. No way. And if you've tried trudging through that stuff, it, it turns into cement. Like, it is just so heavy and disgusting. And if you're trying to drive through it, if you're going to sink [00:39:00] and getting you out is going to be.

An enormous task. 

Nio Nyx: I kept trying to figure out why nobody would just get a helicopter or something to come out to come get you. But that's messy. You know, especially the celebrities and stuff like that. I mean, if I was Chris Rock, I'd just be like, helicopter come get me because I'm right here. I figured out I got money.

They don't have cell phone service, 

Rob: but then you got crab, then you've got crabs in the bucket kind of mentality happening because if one person is latching on to a helicopter, everyone's rushing it to get out. You don't want that. Oh, that's 

Ambient: scary. 

Kat Henson: Yeah. Yeah. 

Ambient: I mean, good thing 

Nio Nyx: is only two days. I wasn't even that 

Gianni Storm: serious.

Yeah, but people were probably hungry. You said that they don't have shops there. I

Nio Nyx: think I'm sure people bought some people have more food than others. They could have shared. 

Gianni Storm: See, this is another festival. There was like something called the fire festival. I think job rule was a part of it. All these weird, 

Nio Nyx: that's a completely [00:40:00] different thing. That is a different 

Rob: one off thing where people got ripped off.

Least it was, it turned into a lot of flies situation This is just. It was a completely freak weather incident. They got two months worth of rainfall in 24 hours, so it transformed the landscape into something that they never have to deal with. This wasn't something that they could have really provisioned for.

So, the event organizers, you know, at that point, maybe dropping wooden pallets around, just so people can get around a little bit better, maybe doing something to that effect, working with some basic engineers to figure out a good solution to carry people out, like you were saying. At least food and 

Nio Nyx: water.

I think it was more 

Ambient: important. 

Gianni Storm: It is the desert though. So, you know, okay, what are the risks? Like, let's assess the risk that happens with a festival in the dry desert, in the middle of desert. 

Ambient: But like you said, 

Rob: there's, there is a guide for the [00:41:00] festival goers. And if you're attending a venue and they provide you with a manual of this is the stuff you need to look out for because that's it.

You're up in the middle of the desert. Okay. So. If you don't prepare adequately, that's on you because they did tell me, you know, you bring your provisions, you bring wood blocks so that you can get your stuff off the ground. So, if you didn't do that stuff, then you're sinking in the mud and you are just another part of the problem.

It's unfortunate that someone lost their life, and I hope that there was no foul play involved in any of this. I bet it was. It seemed, from what I've been able to glean so far, it looks like the death took place during the Trang Cho waterfall. So if you're an event goer, and you happen to be intoxicated or incapacitated in any way, it just takes this much water to drown.

Yeah. So, we'll see what they find. 

Nio Nyx: Yeah, I guess, I guess we'll hear from the investigation, but.

Rob: have reason to suspect foul play at this time, but it is [00:42:00] under investigation. 

Nio Nyx: Jack Robinson says, It's not as if they were defrauded like the attendees at the Fry Festival.

Try what was the fry 

Rob: festival fire. I think the fire 

Nio Nyx: festival. Oh, okay. Yeah, the one that Gianni was talking about. Yeah. Okay. Justin 

Ambient: misspelling. 

Gianni Storm: I just think festivals in the desert is why am I here? I'm not going. You're not going 

Ambient: now. 

Gianni Storm: A tropical like Amazon forest. Yeah. 

Ambient: What? I'll go with that. There's 

Rob: no cell phone 

Nio Nyx: service there.

You would take a tropical Amazon forest over the desert. Over 

Ambient: the 

Gianni Storm: desert? Neo, the desert is scorching hot, freezing cold at night. 

Nio Nyx: You know, Amazon, you're talking snakes, bugs. 

Ambient: Oh, yeah, 

Gianni Storm: but they would have protections for that. You would, they wouldn't let you go next to a, 

Nio Nyx: you're in the Amazon rainforest.

What kind of protections are [00:43:00] you talking about?

I would take the desert anytime. As long as I had enough water and food and stuff. I would take the desert over that any day. How 

Ambient: about you, Rob? You would take the desert. 

Rob: Uh, over the rain forest. Yeah, because I'm not a fan of predation where I'm on the menu. Yeah, unfortunately, in the rain forest, there's a lot of little things and a lot of big things that will put me on the menu.

The desert. True. I can prepare for that. It's going to be uncomfortable. But even the Amazon rain forest, you're talking like the desert is a dry heat. The rain forest is a humid stifling heat. And don't get it gets cold at night also. 

Nio Nyx: Me and my wife watch naked and afraid Watch naked and afraid all the time and I tell her the one thing that would make me quit is freaking bugs and cold I [00:44:00] would quit I mean i'm naked and cold and then bugs biting me.

Nope. I'm out Yeah, extremely uncomfortable. All right. Is this true by shenanigans shenanigans? This is some 

Ambient: truth. 

Gianni Storm: And 

Nio Nyx: I mean, I don't think the, I don't think they could have done much else. I mean, I'm 

Rob: not saying, I mean, you learn from it, right? So. Yes, and that way, if something like this were to happen, then you can organize some air drops to bring in 

Nio Nyx: water next time.

Just have something like ready, you know, have a warehouse nearby, like you said, and just be able to do that. Oh, yeah, we're going to okay, before we get to our next topic, let's take a quick break from all the shenanigans. I've got to take a minute to tell you about, you guessed it, Pods Network, P O D Z. It's not just any podcast network, it's a hub for aspiring podcasts and curious listeners like yourself. [00:45:00] Tonight's guest, Kat, from Sister Sesh Podcast, is one of those gems that you'll find there.

while you're there, check out... That show the F me up. 

The Just Be You podcast and Sonny Mary Meadows podcast. There's some amazing podcasts. They're waiting just for you. Sparring podcasts, curious listeners.

That's what pods, your DZ network is all about. So after this episode, head over to Paws Network and download the next episode of Truth Lies Shenanigans and the Sister Sesh podcast. Trust me, you'll appreciate it. All right, let's get into our next topic. Truth Lies Shenanigans. All right, so the amazing 19 year old Coco Gough won another match.

In the U. S. Open and as of our recording right now, she's heading into the semi finals and seems to be a favorite to win the title. Well, the other day, me and my wife got to talking about Coco and she told me about her [00:46:00] first match where Coco got into it with one of the refs and she started talking about like this angry black woman, this angry black woman that I was like, I gotta check this out.

So, when I looked at the tape. It was reminiscent a little bit of the Serena Williams rant to the judge in 2018, where. Yeah, it got into the social media where they were talking about this angry black woman trope. And yeah, Coco was complaining that her opponent, German player, Laura Siegmund was going too slow.

Between serves, but then when I looked at the video a little more, I mean, she was going slow and the commentators were saying the same thing and I saw another video where Laura was also complaining to the judge and she ended up getting a warning for going slow. So, anyway, my wife was really into this black woman, angry black woman [00:47:00] thing.

So I'm gonna save my thoughts a little bit, but. What do you guys think? You know, are women like Serena and Coco voice their complaints? Are they stigmatized by this angry black woman stereotype? What do you think Gianni? Are you an angry black woman? 

Gianni Storm: I can be sometimes. I'ma be honest. But I'm so tired of that narrative, like hang it up.

Okay, because at the end of the day, I think that even if she was to voice her opinion being white, it wouldn't be the stigmatized thing. I don't think people, the people that are actually talking about this being a stereotype and the angry black trope are people that kind of want to make a big deal out of it.

Because when you watch the video, you see how she goes about it. She wasn't really coming across like belligerent, like she was literally just. passionate expressing what she felt was wrong. So I feel like how she went about it didn't give me angry black woman vibes at all. I was expecting to see that a little bit.[00:48:00] 

Um, but no, I'm tired of it. I think even like you guys are probably tired of hearing the narrative that angry black woman, and it's like this aggressive, deep rooted thing that's been here since like slavery, to be honest, like it's deep rooted in like slavery. I mean, do 

Nio Nyx: you think the angry black woman Trope, the stereotype is real.

is this something that exists? I mean, so it does exist. You're just tired of hearing about it. Yeah. 

Gianni Storm: Yeah. I'm tired of hearing about it because media Like media makes it a thing too and they kind of play on it, especially in like speaking for my culture I mean my generation's culture is like they'll say a darker skinned girl is More of that angry black woman stereotype than a lighter skinned girl, and they'll kind of put that thing down As a thing too, but just not to digress it is something that is still put out there and Media is one of the biggest players in Like, [00:49:00] perpetuating that stereotype before I get to 

Nio Nyx: rock anyway, Jacqueline Robinson says, I agree with Gianni.

I think it's a non issue, even though the trope is exhausting. It exists, but it doesn't apply in this situation. What do you think? Rob? 

Rob: Yeah, I don't think it applies in this situation that either to be honest, because I'm going to check things out. Coco spoke up when it was warranted, and really, we should be glad that she did because the umpire was trying to.

Whites playing away at Coco's experience when she was talking about rule breaking. And Neil like, I mean, it's barely noticeable. Sure. But her opponent Laura Sigmund was slowing the pace of the match. Oh. And technically that's cheating. So, you know, the nice thing is that this interaction was caught in four K and the whole world got to witness it.

I think of other tennis players. I mean, you know, as far as tantrums, I think of like John McEnroe. I think of that [00:50:00] guy losing his mind. 

Nio Nyx: Was that an angry white guy? 

Ambient: I mean, exactly. 

Rob: No one was talking about an angry white guy trope. It was just, man, that John McEnroe, he's an asshole, 

Nio Nyx: right? 

Rob: Something that was the, that was the consensus,

but yeah, no, it's, um, The trope is definitely around, I can't say that culturally, it's something that I'm really aware of, but I know that the trope is alive and well, it's presented in media, and they're just trying to spark outrage by calling it the angry black woman, because Coco had every reason to advocate

 On her behalf on the court and her coach was encouraging her to engage the umpires. And like, you gotta say something, you gotta say something. Yeah. So 

Nio Nyx: she did. I think sometimes we're reaching, I think we as black people sometimes reach a little bit too far and you know, I, I get [00:51:00] that there is an angry black woman stereotype and it's more than just a label.

It is a systemic issue that black women do face, where as soon as you get angry, Oh, you know, you can be dismissed. Because it's just an angry black woman. So whatever their concerns are, aren't important. It's just an easy dismissal, angry black woman. Um, it's just her again. Right. And so I get it, you know, and black women do get silenced, but I don't know.

I just didn't feel it like you guys. I didn't see it. And I'm, I'm Trying to tell my wife I'm like, I don't know about this one. I don't think this is an angry black woman thing right here I mean, she's just complaining and then it's just it seems normal to me. I mean everybody's agreeing with her They're booing the German 

Gianni Storm: woman But it's interesting I just feel like it's black people that would Call her out on that and kind of be like, oh she's She's doing too much or whatever, but it's like [00:52:00] we kind of perpetuate it to like our own culture.

Like we do that same thing. And I think that it's okay to have your feelings about it, but I think it's so embedded for like black women to have that stereotype that now we're scared to even have that be said about us. So we go about it in a way where we're trying to be soft and we're trying to make sure we don't speak so loud 

So we have to, like, manage other people's emotions, basically, because how we talk is a threat, like, when we're passionate, it's 

Nio Nyx: scary, like, okay. And so you can easily get dismissed. I mean, we need to continue to dismantle. Harmful stereotypes like this, right?

And to kind of recognize when they're happening. We do run the risk of diluting the conversation, right? Because it's everything is this angry black woman thing. then people start to be more dismissive, like dismissive of when it does happen.

And when it does occur. I don't know. Anyway, I totally disagreed with my wife. [00:53:00] I think it was reaching, I mean, 

Gianni Storm: she has a point to her point. There's a reason she has, because I mean, as a black woman, you do kind of want us to not get picked on so much all the time. Like, especially if I see Serena out there and she's getting a little loud.

I'm like, all right. I'm down hot pants, like you just want them 

Nio Nyx: to go, you go, that's you being dismissive. You being dismissed, you just, you got, you just called her an angry black woman. I get it.

Jacqueline Robinson says, some of us are old enough to remember Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe, like Robbie was saying, throwing rackets, et cetera. Angry black woman trope is used to silence us. It's particularly hurtful when black men take it up. Interesting. It's actually, it's even more interesting because the, uh, that same day that we had the [00:54:00] conversation, we were out at a, 

at a concert and, um, and she was saying something to me. I was like, you don't have to get angry. And she's like, there you go. Angry black woman. I was like, oh my god, here we go. Here we go. Oh

my god. You just did that. 

Rob: You 

Ambient: lit her up. You're awful. 

Nio Nyx: Alright, is this truth, lies, or shenanigans? Oh, I

think it's truth. No, I think this is... I think it's truth. Truth. I don't think it's... I think 

Rob: it's in shenanigans. It's being overinflated. It's being overinflated. Okay, 

Nio Nyx: fair enough. So you're going the other way. It is They are doing the most. It is, it is a bit over the top.

I don't, I don't agree this time though. Normally I'd be in agreement and be like, Oh, pro black, but not at this time. I think my wife was surprised when I disagreed with her. Actually.[00:55:00] 

Ambient: All 

Nio Nyx: right. Gianni, We got to make this really, really quick. Gianni,

Ambient: We got 3 minutes. 

Gianni Storm: All right. So, guys, I had to talk about this because it's in my own territory here in Georgia. So, Lake linear, is actually 1 of the deadliest lakes in the United States, because over 200 people have actually drowned here. Is latest victim was a 23 year old. Gavry Whitlock, who ran down the dock, slipped and fell into the lake and didn't come up.

He's not the only one. Four other young men passed away this summer alone at that lake. But if you don't know about Lakeland, there's history. Basically, white citizens wiped out a successful black community called Oscarville. And then they then created this. Man made huge ass lake. So yeah, that's what happened like long story short.

And after countless deaths and no justice, this [00:56:00] area is said to be cursed, but I want to know from you guys based on the history and the facts, do you believe this place could be cursed or haunted? And are you guys going to come to Georgia and take a trip to Lake Lanier? 

Nio Nyx: So I saw an episode of Atlanta.

I think it was like the final season where, he was in a canoe or something on the boat and you know These ghosts or something came up out the boat and was it took it just took the white dude

And it was based on Lake Lanier it was a hilarious episode and Last season of Atlanta was really really matter of fact Atlanta was a great show by the way If you haven't seen it, I really suggest you binge it because it's really really good. There's some crazy episodes that just boggle your mind.

I don't know that I like the ending but. Overall, it's a really good show, but anyway, as far as [00:57:00] haunted, it could be, I mean, it could be, it could be that these black people are reaching up, grabbing these white dudes. You know, I don't know, who knows, who knows, it could be, I'm gonna leave it at that.

Rob: This dude ran on a slippery dock, fell, knocked his head, and drowned. No hunting involved. There's been eight drownings so far this year. Lake Michigan's got 24 drownings so far this year and over 1, 100 reported drowning deaths. So you know, if we want to talk about haunted bodies of water with body counts, let's talk about the Great Lakes.

Let's talk about the oceans. Let's talk Lake Michigan. Really? No, the body count doesn't 

Nio Nyx: have anything



Ambient: with it. 

Gianni Storm: That's [00:58:00] different. Nah. Spirit of water are huge. Lake Lanier is 38, 000 acres, but Lake Michigan is... It's huge. And it stretches along the point of Michigan, like the land. So that makes sense. But this little tiny piece of area is 

Ambient: getting all these dead. 

Rob: And that's it, but we're just talking about deaths in the same body of water.

So, I mean, the soul, she 

Nio Nyx: makes a good point. Size does make a difference. So if you, if you do debts per acre, debts per area. Square 

Gianni Storm: footage. Yeah. Like, how are that many people dying in this one specific area? Brandon, you're right. He did slip because he's a weirdo and he was running. Why are you running? But how did he not come back up until 10 p.


Nio Nyx: No, but you have to understand the ghost of, uh, Ebenezer. He, he, he made it really slippery on the dot. and then he could grab him down. I'm telling you. Those 

Gianni Storm: fears [00:59:00] are real and I think that that place can be haunted. That's why all the black people in Atlanta, 

Nio Nyx: but I thought it was the only targeting white people though.

I thought No, 

Gianni Storm: It's targeting black people that died. If you look into the history, it's black people that mainly die in Hispanic. The guy that just died was Hispanic. Oh, hey Cam. 

Rob: Let, let's go for a swim 

Ambient: and see what happens. . 

Nio Nyx: I'm all right. I'm all right, Rob. 

Ambient: Johnny, come 

Nio Nyx: with us and we can cover more bases.

I thought it was the other way around, so, no, I'm good now. ? Yeah, I'm not coming. 

Ambient: Like, actually, I'll pass. 

Nio Nyx: Don't worry about it. 

Ambient: Alright. But 

Gianni Storm: no, there's been some shows on this. Shenanigans. There's been some shows on this, but I, maybe you guys never know. I may make a movie on it. 

Nio Nyx: Let's do it. Let's do it.

Johnny's is truth lies. I'm going. It's true. It's true. No, it's true. I mean, it's shenanigans because I'm not going there. Those are some fun topics, guys. Actually, I'm glad we got that last one in Gianni.[01:00:00] 

All right, let's get in our game show.

All right. Today's game is, have you ever, we'll spin the wheel and the wheel will give us something random asking, have you ever, whatever, have you ever met a celebrity, for example, um, Yep. And so you can only score a point if you have done it and you tell the story about it. And if you didn't do it or don't tell the backstory.

You don't have to tell the story. No points for you. First one with the most points wins The final thought for the show. All right, we are going to no points for you. Alright, , let's start with Rob B. Let's have some fun. Let's start. Oh, D it.

Uh, easy one, Robbie, have you ever shoplifted? Oh, who hasn't? 

Rob: Yes, I, yes I did. And actually I was [01:01:00] quite adept at it as a youth and it did get me into trouble. Ooh, 

Nio Nyx: adept at it even. 

Rob: Yeah, so yeah. It was, it was a good turning point. 

Nio Nyx: Finger rub. 

Rob: Ooh, yeah. There was a buddy system, 

Nio Nyx: even worse, he had a compasses, one, one, a compass, all right.

Have, Oh, this is an easy one. Have you ever listened to a song that made you cry? 

Gianni Storm: multiple times. I'm trying to think of which song. You know what song makes me cry? What's that? The song with, um, that comes on on the commercial with the animals in the island. 

Ambient: When I was young, that song 

Nio Nyx: used to make me Sarah 

Rob: McLaughlin.

Yes. So sad. Canadian treasure. 

Nio Nyx: Right. You hear the commercial making you cry, not, is it the song or the commercial? 

Gianni Storm: It's [01:02:00] the song coupled with the, being an abused animal. Right. So I 

Ambient: think it's just like the You can't hear the song 

Rob: without 

Ambient: seeing those images. Right. Without that imagery. 

Gianni Storm: Yeah. Yeah. She locked it in our minds.

Nio Nyx: All right. Yeah. Point for both of you. All right. Oh, have you ever been mistaken for someone famous? Um. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I've been mistaken for a couple of different people. 

when I was younger, people would say that I look like Ice Cube. And then, okay, and then there's this guy from do you remember the show Prison Break? Yeah. There was this Hispanic guy, I forget his name now. Robbie looking it up. I see already, but, 

Rob: uh, Oh, uh, Maury Nolasco.

Nio Nyx: Yeah. They used to say, I look, I 

Rob: see it. Yeah. Yeah. 

Ambient: I kind of see it. I got to see 

Rob: it now. Oh, yeah. Looking at some different images. Yep. Absolutely. With his little 

Nio Nyx: goatee. Yeah. And people tell me I look like [01:03:00] him. I see it a little bit too. I see. I could see where it is. What's his name again? It's, uh, oh, yeah.

You do sco. Mario Velasco. Yep. Yeah, you kind of do. Okay, so more for each of us. All right. Oh, he, oh, he was into that guy in bench warmers. He was what? In bench warmers. Oh, nice. Yeah. All right. Robbie , have you ever farted and said it wasn't you?

Rob: I've never done that. Of course I grew up with a kid brother. It's something you do to your best friend. You rip a good one and you blame him and walk away. 

Nio Nyx: I blame the dog. 

Ambient: People are sick. 

Rob: There's something wrong with that dog's diet.

Nio Nyx: Yanni, have you ever stole? This is a good one. Have you ever [01:04:00] stolen something from your parents or siblings? 

Gianni Storm: Yes. You know, it's funny. I actually stole. This is not funny. I stole from my stepdad a joint when I was like 18, 19. He had, he smokes weed. So he had like joints pre rolled in his. Little drawer, sock drawer.

And I remember stealing a couple. Oh, I don't think he cared or he didn't notice. He never said 

Nio Nyx: anything. I, I don't think He didn't, didn't notice . He, he probably just didn't know who it was. 

Rob: or, or he didn't know who took it. And he didn't want have 

Nio Nyx: that convers Everybody didn't have the conversation.

Ambient: Exactly. 

Gianni Storm: My mom did not 

Kat Henson: approve. 

Nio Nyx: Mm-hmm. Yeah, that's what it was. I just, you probably thought mom took it. All right, I'm just not gonna say anything 

Have you ever cried for no reason There's 

Gianni Storm: always a reason. 

Nio Nyx: I'm going to say I [01:05:00] always have a reason. I mean, I've cried out of the blue, you know, sometimes I'm like, especially when I'm watching movies and stuff and, or like, well, especially, I think I told you, I think I've told you guys here that I want kids and I haven't been blessed with kids yet.

So oftentimes I'll see shows or movies where, you know, Yeah. With parents and children and I'll start crying. I ain't gonna lie. I start crying sometimes I don't want. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Don't start with me on that. I'm going to do one last round and then we're just going to pick a winner. All right. 

Robbie, have you ever cheated on anything or 

Rob: anyone? Cheated on anything. So like a test, 

Nio Nyx: sure, 

Rob: sure. Or anyone. Uh, 

Nio Nyx: yeah. I don't think you have to answer both. I think you can choose one or the other. 

Rob: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm just you [01:06:00] cheater guys. 

Nio Nyx: Uh, but I do want to know about the cheated on the other person, right?

More than I want to hear about his current version 

Rob: of Rob. Yes, absolutely. Does not give you cheater vibes, but no, I had some deep rooted insecurities. Um, as a young man, I craved love and attention. And unfortunately I went looking for it in different places. 

Gianni Storm: Yeah, we know that story. 

Ambient: Yep. 

Rob: Yep. Yep. So now that I'm secure with who I am, I don't.

Yeah, it's I've been fathom it. 

Nio Nyx: Okay. 

Ambient: Okay. Gianni, 

Nio Nyx: have you ever pooped in a swimming 

Gianni Storm: pool? Ew. Absolutely 

Nio Nyx: not ever. She hasn't done it. All right. No poop for Gianni. You're out, Gianni. No poop for you. Oh, I should've lied. You should've lied. It's too late now. 

Ambient: There was this public swimming pool. The public trying to make it?

Nio Nyx: No, [01:07:00] I don't believe it now because Yani, if we tied, I was gonna give it to you. That's nasty, but too late now. . 

Ambient: Have you guys ever done that? That's really 

Nio Nyx: gross. No, I've never pooped in a swimming pool. Thank goodness. Yeah, that's nasty. The swimming pool. Have you ever gone on a date just for the free food?

Oh, Robby, you're about to win again. Hell yeah, I have. I know Gianni has, but I've never gone on a date and gotten free food. 

Ambient: Several times. You guys pay 

Rob: for your meal. Yes. It's rarely the other way around. 

Nio Nyx: I have not even gotten free food on a date, so no. You guys could 

Gianni Storm: have sugar mamas. When, when, I mean, you still can 

Nio Nyx: technically.

No, I'm good. No, I'm kidding. No, thank you. I have a sugar mama. I'm good. Alright. Alright, well, Bobby, you win the game. Woo!

Ambient: Darn it. Rob always 

Nio Nyx: wins. Darn it. Darn it. Didn't want Robby to win. [01:08:00] He wins, he wins everything.

All right, Gianni, shout out. 

Gianni Storm: Um, shout out to black women. Sorry that our names are always in the media. Sorry that we're always getting slandered, but black women, um, stay strong and love each other and support each other and. Let's make each other 

Nio Nyx: proud. That reminds me real quick that I was watching the documentary about Megan, the stallion and Tory Lanez.

We missed a lot of key points that we would have been really valuable when we were talking about that. but she's all about, you know, black women and black women power because of that. So yeah, Robbie shout outs. 

Rob: Uh, shout out to the kids and parents who are dealing with back to school madness.

And for those of us commuting with buses on the road, be cautious of the big yellow buses [01:09:00] flashing lights and stop signs. Please be safe 

Nio Nyx: out there. My nephew got his first ticket and it was because he passed a school bus and they had a camera and they got him. I was so mad at him. I was like, I was like, good.

I'm glad he got it. He needs to pay for it. Cause his parents were talking about paying for a form. I'm like, nah, he needs to pay for that anyway. Yeah. It needs to be careful. All right. She's accountable. And my shout out goes to Coco golf. Hope you win this weekend. I hope you win. He'll bring it home.

Amazing. She's an amazing player. You got to watch her. She's not quite Serena, but she's so good. So I hope she pulls it, pulls it out and stand up for yourself. I mean, you ain't no angry black woman. Stand up for yourself. Woman. Good stuff. All right. That is officially all the time we have for today's show.

I thank you for joining us. I hope you learned something. I hope you got a new perspective, but I definitely hope you had some laughs with [01:10:00] us. Look for us live again next Wednesday, 8 p. m. Eastern time. Look for our official audio episode this Friday. On Apple podcasts, uh, it's network that's pods with a Z or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

All right, Robby, you won again, it closes out with the final thought. 

Ambient: You won again. All right. 

Rob: So returning to school is an opportunity to ignite your curiosity, passion, and potential. Embrace the journey of learning with enthusiasm and let it light the path of your dreams. 

Ambient: Oh, that's nice. Thank you, 

Gianni Storm: Rob. We love his quotes.

Nio Nyx: Yeah. That 

Rob: is Rob. Everyone's heading back to school this week, so hey, man. 

Nio Nyx: All right, Johnny. Yeah. All right, Johnny. We're going to have to get these final thoughts. We're going to have to stop letting Rob win all these games. Next 

Gianni Storm: week, I'm going to be tuned in. 

Nio Nyx: All right. We're going to figure this out. I'm 

Rob: going to pick her up my price structure for reading your [01:11:00] final thoughts.

Nio Nyx: All right. Thank you. Robbie. Right. Gianni. Thank you. Kat Henson of the sister sesh podcast for chatting with us. But most importantly, we need to thank you for listening to our shenanigans each and every week. Have a great week, everyone. We'll see you 

Ambient: next week.

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