Truth, Lies, Shenanigans

Power and Privilege - Can Nothing be Done?

February 20, 2024 Truth, Lies, Shenanigans Season 5 Episode 6
Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
Power and Privilege - Can Nothing be Done?
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Dive deep into the fight for equality with Gianni Storm, Rob B Rok, and Nio Nyx on "Truth Lies Shenanigans," the podcast that dares to dismantle the walls of power and privilege. This episode tackles the burning question: can we truly break free from these deeply ingrained systems?

Join the hosts as they peel back the layers, unveiling:

  • The hidden costs of unearned advantage: How privilege impacts individuals, communities, and society at large.
  • Beyond celebrity scandals: Unmasking the systemic roots of corruption and abuse of power.
  • Actionable steps for change: Powerful voices share concrete strategies for dismantling systemic barriers.
  • Is real change possible? Engage in a crucial conversation, sparking thought, debate, and action.

Keywords: power, privilege, inequality, injustice, social justice, systemic racism, corruption, exploitation, activism, empowerment, solutions, experts, diverse perspectives, actionable steps, critical thinking, change, dialogue, Gianni Storm, Rob B Rok, Nio Nyx.

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