Truth, Lies, Shenanigans

The End is Near

March 13, 2024 Nio Nyx, Gianni Storm, Rob B Rok Season 5 Episode 9
The End is Near
Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
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Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
The End is Near
Mar 13, 2024 Season 5 Episode 9
Nio Nyx, Gianni Storm, Rob B Rok

Is Doomsday really coming? Or is it just lies and fear-mongering? We dive deep into the divisive debate on the reality of doomsday. Are these predictions merely fear tactics, or is there truth to the prophecies that foretell our future? Join Rob B, Gianni Storm, and Nio Nyx as we explore historical and modern predictions of global cataclysms, examining evidence and perspectives that challenge our understanding of the end times. From ancient prophecies to scientific forecasts, this episode confronts the legitimacy of doomsday claims and their impact on society and culture. Engage with us in this thought-provoking discussion: Is the end nigh, or are these warnings a manifestation of our collective fears? Is this truth, lies, or shenanigans?

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Show Notes Transcript

Is Doomsday really coming? Or is it just lies and fear-mongering? We dive deep into the divisive debate on the reality of doomsday. Are these predictions merely fear tactics, or is there truth to the prophecies that foretell our future? Join Rob B, Gianni Storm, and Nio Nyx as we explore historical and modern predictions of global cataclysms, examining evidence and perspectives that challenge our understanding of the end times. From ancient prophecies to scientific forecasts, this episode confronts the legitimacy of doomsday claims and their impact on society and culture. Engage with us in this thought-provoking discussion: Is the end nigh, or are these warnings a manifestation of our collective fears? Is this truth, lies, or shenanigans?

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Nio Nyx: [00:00:00] Truth lies shenanigans, truth lies 

Gianni Storm: shenanigans, truth 

Nio Nyx: lies shenanigans. Welcome to another episode of truth lies shenanigans. I am Nio nyx. And in this episode, we're going to be talking about doomsday, the end of the world. My co host, you hear him in the background, the lovely Gianni Storm and the rock star, Robbie.

Before we get into it, when you were a kid, what was your favorite TV show or movie to watch as a kid? Favorite. As a 

Gianni Storm: kid? 

for me, my favorite TV shows were that. So Raven, I remember I thought I was psychic for like 10 years growing up. So that's so Raven was huge, [00:01:00] huge 

Nio Nyx: influence on me. And I'm so, 

Rob B: wow.

Like, I just love. Battlestar Galactica as a kid, that was a huge one, but then all the cartoons, but I think G Force, Gotcha Man, that was the one that really got the voice. Oh, G Force! Yeah, not, not the hamsters, G Force, I'm talking Gotcha Man, Battle of the Planets. I literally thought of that. It's been known by several names.

But yes, when they released, when I heard that there was a G Force movie coming out, I was like, oh my god! And then my friend said, yeah, don't get excited. kid. I was like, no! That's so cruel. That's the worst branding ever. Yeah. You just picked a generation of kids right in the throat. God.


Nio Nyx: Yeah, I had a tongue growing up. I had a ton of shows growing up. I don't even know that I can name a favorite Incredible Hulk Wonder Woman, I had a freaking crush on Lynda Carter. Yeah, and there was And [00:02:00] then there was the cartoons Undercast is by far my favorite cartoon of all time.

Hey, man. Yeah, Joe Had a crush on Shira 

Gianni Storm: Courage the Cowardly Dog. This is a different generation. Excuse me. Courage. Bill of the Future. for some reason, my mind is drawing a blank, but I literally always watch cartoons and always watch Disney channel and Nickelodeon growing 

Nio Nyx: up. Wow. All right.

Well, let's get into this topic where we talk about it all going away.

Horrible. No more cartoons for you, Gianni. Oh, my God. 

Gianni Storm: Start us off, Gianni. Go ahead. All right, guys. Well, we all know by now, throughout history, humanity has been obsessed with its end. Literally, since the beginning of time, um, we've received predictions and warnings from the likes of astrologers like [00:03:00] Nostradamus to the Mayans.

To modern day movies about a climate apocalypse These predictions cause fear mongering, they cause anxiety and people are always wondering is the world really going to end and when?

But here's a twist, if you guys haven't heard of the doomsday clock, it basically acts like a symbolic measure of how close humanity is to causing its own downfall and midnight is considered the point of global catastrophic disaster as of January 23rd, 2024, the doomsday clock is at 90 seconds. So midnight, which is the closest it's ever been to an apocalypse and it's based on the nuclear threads, the climate risk.

And of course, our new technologies. So you guys doomsday is still considered a fear tactic. Is this truth lies or shenanigans? What do you, what do you think Rob?

Rob B: Okay, so I'm glad that you touched on the clock. [00:04:00] Because that is something that's measurable. That's something that the scientists are looking at. And as we're precipitating. Climate change, it's going to be more and more measurable as we get closer because it's not a 24 hour clock. This is decades.

So, right. But We keep inching our way closer. And that's the terrifying one that we are manifesting it ourselves. Now, as far as the spiritual use of the rapture and doomsday prophecies predictions are concerned, these are tools that have been used. Forever, Johnny, to exert manipulation and control 

 especially now there are more financial, rewards in people doing something like that, because people who are prepping for doomsday by on mask, they're getting ready to hunker down. Or they're more willing to liquidate their assets and give it to their spiritual [00:05:00] leaders because. They're going to die.

They don't need it. Um, it's a way to isolate and separate people. It's a form of psychological manipulation. And these people are absolutely abusing their power. 

Nio Nyx: I agree with Robbie for the most part. just say that I personally think the doomsday clock is BS.

Okay, because one thing it doesn't take into account is future tech to solve some of these problems. So most of the doomsday predictions have to do with climate change, pandemic, all those things. 

 I know our sea levels are rising, but sea levels have risen in the past and we have survived a lot of us will die in the process humanity, humanity and the earth and the world will survive.

Even if we have another pandemic, the pandemic is unlikely to wipe us out completely [00:06:00] the whole human race Now if we're talking apocalyptic meteorites, yeah, we're talking about asteroids some super volcano or Nuclear war now, that's one that we might survive but most of the earth will suffer. Yeah Like I said, I think the Doomsday Clock is a little bit of BS, so it is what it is 

Gianni Storm: on that.

To be honest with the Doomsday Clock, a lot of people think Doomsday and the end of the world is fantasy. We've heard it before, But the thing is though, they have some legitimate warnings. Like you guys said, the nuclear part of it. There was a movie recently that talked about, like a civil war, and it starts In this country, and then it could go to Canada, and then it can go to other countries, and then there's just almost like this one world order, but that, in a sense, is a doomsday because it may not wipe out humanity, but the general population.

So, I think that there are some legitimate, like, warnings people are like, oh, that's going to be here. That's not going to be in our generation, our time. I don't know if that's so true either. [00:07:00] And I personally think that there will be an apocalypse. 

Rob B: Some aspects of climate change are 100 percent measurable.

Watching a documentary about the Ganges river, for example, the glacier from which it stems is melting at an alarming rate. And scientists predict that imminently it's going to be done. And now, if you think of the importance of the Ganges river to the people of India, spiritually, and just from a survival perspective.

Yeah. Okay, that's apocalyptic. But, the real doomsday, though, is about 5 billion years from now when our sun burns out. When our sun starts burning out, we will then start seeing the end of life on earth. 

Nio Nyx: Damn near guaranteed. That one. 

Gianni Storm: But how do you, now we're 

Nio Nyx: getting into, we can calculate that.

Rob B: Nuclear that is burning out. It's burning hydrogen items. It's a finite [00:08:00] supply. 

Nio Nyx: Yeah. Think about if you have like a grill with propane outside and you're continuously lighting the fire on the grill. Eventually it's going to run out of gas. That's just how it works. So scientific. Let's go back to this river thingso, yes, water levels are going to rise and it could be apocalyptic for that area 

But what we're not considering is as water levels rise. It also brings water to other areas that don't have it. That's not necessarily 

Rob B: good though. No, they're bringing, it's going to bring salt water to those areas. 

Nio Nyx: Yeah, that's damaging. Not necessarily. No, not necessarily. And even if it did bring salt water, we have again, technology to desalinate, which is actually becoming significantly better and easier.

But the point is, it creates rivers, new rivers, new streams, et cetera, even if it creates more. Uh, rain, more snow, because that's what climate change is doing is creating more rain, more snow [00:09:00] in areas that may or may not have had it before. So, yes, climate is going to change.

Yes, we're going to have these issues and yes, humanity is fucking things up. but we're calling it doomsday, but we're not considering there are still pros to the greenhouse effect. Even if we're talking about natural selection, talk about adaptation, we're talking about mutations.

Matter of fact, it's probably a good thing for humanity because it can create some more mutations that we need. Because 

Gianni Storm: Nio basically say, let them die out. Comfortable. He comfort, he's, he. People die 

Nio Nyx: out. I'm not saying that necessarily. He's saying that 

Rob B: at a lower level, the lower level of species that are being eliminated because they cannot adapt fast enough.

You don't have to. That's 

Nio Nyx: horrible. What is speech to, to quote Jeff Goldblum Life finds away. Oh . It'll, 

Rob B: but it that best. Yes, life will find a way when the rash that is humanity is gone, [00:10:00] eliminates 

Nio Nyx: itself from the, the rash. I will not disagree 

Rob B: with that. Will have a chance to heal from said rash and new life will propagate.

Maybe another higher order of intelligence will evolve. Time is ticking 5 billion years. Time is 

Nio Nyx: humanity is messing itself up, but I'm just saying the world will still be here until 5 billion years from now. At the maximum, because we still could have asteroids and other things and so you guys are kind of 

Gianni Storm: like, okay, with the dooms, it's turned from, is it a fear tactic to like, yeah, let, let it happen.

Nio Nyx: But you did bring up that it's a fear tactic, right? That's what your, that's what your question was. Is this a fear tactic? And it is a fear tactic, because. Okay, be told global warming is not going to destroy humanity immediately at least it will come a point in time where if we continue at this levels, we are eventually the planet 

Rob B: will become as such that we [00:11:00] cannot survive.

We can't 

Nio Nyx: breathe. Yeah, but there will I still believe there will be humans that will be able to survive. Especially as the ones that are causing the problem die off, hopefully Um, yes, like you say, real quick. So since we're talking doomsday, let's talk about the prophecies. And let's talk about things like revelations and the Christian Bible.

And let's talk about some of that, because if you're talking about fear tactics. You know, Revelations is a pretty intense story about scary. It tries to be that's scary to me, but it's pretty scary, right? reasons it's not scary to me because it seems so unrealistic. It's not, it's not wrapped in realism to me.

It's more like, it's more like reading a fiction novel to me. Revelations specifically. I don't, I don't know, honestly, and I think Rob and I may look at this differently. I look at the Bible as a flawed historical book, [00:12:00] because again, all of our history books today are flawed. If we go to a school in Texas versus a school in New York, the history books are flawed.

They're different. So I think the Bible is a flawed history book, but I think revelations is specifically a book of fiction. Somebody who had a, had a dream, one of the prophets had a dream that was pretty interesting, you know, cause I've had some crazy, I've had some crazy graphic detailed dreams that I have started writing books about as a matter of fact, 

Gianni Storm: people on accounts have all agreed to seeing this very same.


Nio Nyx: who is multiple people that agreed to the book of revelations? Who is this? There's 

Gianni Storm: multiple people in the bible. Just like when they were One 

Nio Nyx: prophet, I believe who is I don't can't remember who the prophet was it was 

Gianni Storm: written by one 

Nio Nyx: I think John, it was written in a story, 

Rob B: a character in a story cannot validate the authenticity of [00:13:00] the book in which it's contained.

I'm sorry, 

Gianni Storm: Wait, no, that's not what I meant. I meant that there are multiple people. That have predicted the same thing that revelation they're all agreeing on the same vision is basically what I'm saying. Yeah, the same prediction, 

Nio Nyx: but that's because, you know, people listen, if, if Rob wrote a book, wait, wait, if Rob wrote a book about his dream and where life was going to go and I read his book, I might see the same vision that he wrote.

And I might share the same vision that he wrote to someone else. So product of your unconscious, right? So revelations to me as a book of fiction, and it was written as I thought by John, the apostle. So there was 1 person that wrote this book who could have had a dream or an idea or a thought or whatever it was, and then wrote about it because if you read revelation, it's a wild story.

It is crazy. 

Gianni Storm: It is insane. But to be fair though, a lot of the [00:14:00] books in the Bible are very difficult for people to just pick up and, Oh, I get what that means. I know exactly what that means. That's not, when you read the Bible, that's not the case. Some people say that the Bible is in parables. Some people say the Bible is literal.

I think that the stories in the revelation specifically, since we're talking about it, I think they use symbolism. I don't think that they were at that time, very literal or knew what they were seeing. And I think absolutely they had a higher inspired vision for it. I don't think they just willy nilly from their subconscious.

I absolutely believe it was inspired. It 

Rob B: absolutely comes. It is inspired Johnny, but it's inspired from another group of storytellers. Have you ever heard of Zoroastrianism? Okay. It's one of the world's oldest religions. It predates Christianity by centuries. The Abrahamic faiths, it predates it by centuries, which is wonderful.

So, they do have an end [00:15:00] times prophecy where it is a final battle between the forces of good, led by the god Ahura Mazda, and evil, uh, the devil, um, Abramah. So you have this showdown of good versus evil that ends in the death and renewal of the world and this is a story that propagated before Christianity puts out the book of revelations.

So they've copied elements of that story and appropriated it to what they believe, to what suits their values, what will instill fear and obedience in their flock. If you don't follow our way, this is the path for you. 100. The book of Revelation is meant to 

Nio Nyx: scare you into the best version of who you can be.

Gianni Storm: I think it can be scary because people are thinking if I sin or if I don't. Follow this religion. I'm going to hell or I'm going to die in this apocalypse. Yeah, of course. We all think we're going to die now though, if we're thinking about the apocalypse and have no religion to it, [00:16:00] because if we think that climate change is going to happen, then of course we're going to die.

We're going to be either by a huge flood or it's going to be, it's going to be burning. Like there's going to be different ways that we die. So the fear is there regardless. I think what the Bible does in revelation specifically, I think that it is informative. It's saying, Hey, these are the end times.

This is what it looks like. . I 

Nio Nyx: love Rob. Have you read, I'm just curious, have you really read Revelations though? Have you really read it? Have you read it, read through and through? No. See that's through and through. No. See that's part of the problem. I've read it through and through and it is a book of fiction.

Gianni Storm: You read it with the lens of this is a book of fiction instead of 

Nio Nyx: with an open heart? No, no, no. When I, no, that's not true. I was not reading it with that lens. With 

Rob B: seven heads descent. Yes, it's 

Gianni Storm: symbolic. Think of the seven with the seven heads or with the, those certain beasts who was 

Nio Nyx: symbolized impossible symbolizing with that.

Well, he wasn't think about didn't come up with it. [00:17:00] Think about his time frame. Think about his time frame, not our time frame, right? I know, because we're trying to make it fit to what we understand the world to be now. So we take a book from 2000 years ago and try to conceptualize it to make it fit.

Our world, right? But I need you to think back to 2000 years ago and stories about dragons. Where does that come from? 2000 years ago? think about, what he's saying. Is it really symbolism? What is the symbolism from his perspective when he wrote the book? Because we can't look at it from our perspective and assume to understand his vision what he 

Gianni Storm: was saying, 

Nio Nyx: right?

We have to try to understand his perspective, which is virtually impossible if we're being realistic. Yeah so all I'm saying is that trying to make it make sense and understand the symbolism is You know, you really have to be in that time frame when it's in his head, [00:18:00] but I 

Gianni Storm: think it's just obvious. It's literally saying earthquakes.

It's literally verbatim saying, what are the end times looking like? And, and we've always had our, we've always had that. It's a different 

Rob B: Johnny. Those stories were written in an area of the world where tectonic shifts were happening and earthquakes were prevalent. Oh, my God. It's 

Nio Nyx: true. There were a lot of 

Rob B: giving you facts.


Nio Nyx: Okay. It's currently. There's a lot of earthquake earthquake recently in the Middle East. 

Rob B: And if there's a, if there's a global flood, for example, there's no evidence of a global flood. But in that part of the world, during that time, it was very prone to flooding, coastal flooding and plane flooding.

The area was, so if you live, in an area and 10 square miles mm-hmm, is flooded the world, you think the world is flooded. 

Gianni Storm: [00:19:00] But don't you think that when you read something that you may have a pre bias to it or a bias, even me, when I go into the Bible, I believe in the Bible. I believe in God's word.

So I, I believe it is God's word. So I'm looking at it with that lens. I wouldn't look at it like, Oh, let me be 

Nio Nyx: skeptical. No. So let me tell you, when I read the Bible, I started reading it back to back when I was like, I think I was still in elementary school at the time. I think I was a child. I was like, So I didn't read all of it back to back at 12.

I read it later back to back. Um, but I had read revelations specifically at that time. And at that time. I was very into God. I remember was caught stealing something from CVS with a friend of mine in elementary school. And I'm sitting there with the Bible, hugging it. Tech me. That's how into the Bible I was at the time.

I was like into it. When I was reading revelation, of course it didn't make sense to me as even as a 12 year old, but even later, it was more skeptical. I'm like, [00:20:00] yeah, 

Rob B: now that I had, when I read the Bible, Johnny is I was a young adolescent and I had ambitions towards priesthood. One of my best friends was my priest.

I was heavily involved in my, very heavily. Um, so. Reading the Bible and not having anyone who could provide me with any type of reasonable answer. 

Nio Nyx: You know, we're going to, let's, we're going to save that part for a different conversation. Cause we might need to get into, we might need to get into the Bible religion.

I was just talking really about revelation. Yeah, I was just curious about that story, but there are other, there are other prophets that Gianni mentioned throughout time that have predicted in times. And she mentioned Nostradamus and there's been a few others. So do we believe that there are people? [00:21:00] That have the ability to see the future and predict some of these things and actually see.

Into the future. 

Gianni Storm: Yes, 

Nio Nyx: I do believe. 

Rob B: Nostradamus his technique was he had a small reflecting pool that he would look into. He'd hit the ether and then he would just write and write and write and write. I can sit down. And write you a list of. 15, 000 predictions over time, and I promise you, some of it is going to stick, but most of Nostradamus's predictions are vague and unfulfilled.

So it's like, Hey, the Simpsons predicted it. The Simpsons have predicted everything. Literally. If you throw enough shit at the wall, something's going to stick. 

Nio Nyx: What do you think Gianni? 

Gianni Storm: Despite what Rob said, actually, a few of his predictions did actually come through and he hasn't wrote in that many that [00:22:00] didn't 

Rob B: to be clear.

My friend wrote up somewhere in the neighborhood of 942 little poems. That are predictions. Oh, only about 6 of his predictions have come true. But they 

Gianni Storm: were the biggest predictions though. They were, it 


Rob B: matter. It doesn't matter because it demonstrates, you know, six out of a thousand is still less than one percent.

So he had no special ability or gift. He was just tossing stuff out there. So he's as much a predictor as the Simpsons writers 

Nio Nyx: are. Okay. Um Robbie's point, he did

Clearly, we're still here. That's, I mean, I was right. The Simpsons have written about as many, 

Rob B: write about more things than Nostradamus has. They have predicted a lot. Yeah, 

Gianni Storm: but in [00:23:00] general, I think that psychics do exist. I think that people can foretell the future. I think that there's not one person that can a hundred percent tell the future, but there are people that are seers and visionaries and, and psychics.

Yes, I agree. I've seen him. I've heard him. 

Nio Nyx: I'm going to agree with you because I think there are people that can see. Well, what we perceive as seeing the future, Um, I think there are people that can experience the future. Cause when I was a kid, I used to have deja vu a lot.

And I know we talked about this in our previous episode, but I was confused by it because there would be literal moments. And it might be in a moment. And I'm like, this, this exact thing happened and I could even start to point out what's going to happen next.

And there's been a couple of times where the period of time was long enough where I could literally say to the person next to me what was about to happen. [00:24:00] Wow. There was another time we were trying to fix the, um, The washing machine, it's something happened to it and we couldn't figure out what was wrong with it.

And so I was trying to help my dad figure out what was wrong. And then I looked at the washing machine and deja vu hit me. And I looked at it and I said, oh, my God, I've seen this. To my father, and I looked behind the, it wasn't behind the washing machine, but like.

Behind the wash bin, I I visualized in my head that there was a sock blocking it. I wasn't washing clothes or anything. I just have to come down and I visualize it and I used a coat hanger to reach back where I recall it being when I pick out the sock, like I had put it there and it was, and all of a sudden it worked and my dad was looking at me like, like, what the fuck?

Gianni Storm: Wow. That's 

Nio Nyx: so weird. Did you 

Rob B: sleep walk it there as a child? 

Nio Nyx: I know. I know exactly where this is. [00:25:00] And it wasn't even my load of clothes. Because I guess my dad was washing or somebody was washing clothes. and then it got stopped up. I was uninvolved with the washing machine during the course of that day.

 it was weird. So that has sold me on the fact that there are people that can see. scientifically Einstein has made it very clear that time is just an illusion. There have been studies that have shown that there are specific portions of our brain to force us to see time linearly.

That process time linearly. But the truth of the matter is that is not how time works.

 I actually believe that, you know, I'm not talking destiny, but I believe that time happens present and future exists. So, I think there are certain people that have the capacity to experience time out of order.

So, I believe that It's possible [00:26:00] that we can experience time in the future, time in the past. I feel like I have done it. Um, that's why I'm speaking from people with mental illness is another point that I make. Like, they have done studies on people with mental illness. you know, you believe they're crazy, but they may just experience a different reality than us, right?

They may be actually better than us because they can instead of that linear brain capacity that we have, they may be able to experience reality out of time. Or they may be able to experience other realities. I don't ascribe to the multiverse theory necessarily, but I do ascribe to time being a non linear.

Gianni Storm: Yeah, I agree. I can agree to that. Definitely. Yeah. The thing is too, when it comes to predictions and psychicism, I think everybody can be psychic because like you said, Nio, I don't think time is linear. I don't know, I predicted some stuff in my days. [00:27:00] So 

Nio Nyx: did you know, speaking on time real quick? Did you know that time?

Uh, because gravity affects time as well. Yep. But there's a, there's a time difference between the people in space right now. And us, so they're actually younger. So, the longer you live in space, the younger you are. Yeah, even their cells have been proven to be younger. So, when they come back to earth, they've tested their cells and their cells are younger.

There's a time difference depending on gravity. Yeah, they've 

Rob B: sent atomic clocks up into the stratosphere and when they return, then they're off off. They're just off. 

Nio Nyx: GPS has to be satellites have to be adjusted for time. And if they're not adjusted for time, specifically, your location will be off saying, I say, time is an illusion.

We just. We just see it the way we see it. We experienced it a certain way. So I don't know. these predictions, I think it's possible. I don't know that I believe them all.

Gianni Storm: Yeah. I mean, I think that for the most part, guys, it is, it can be used as a [00:28:00] fear tactic, but a part of me knows that it's also, there is some truth to the whole doomsday and yeah, at the end of the day, we still have today, we have our time to make changes with ourselves and hopefully collectively, but doomsday.

Is a fear tactic is this truth lies or shenanigans 

Rob B: to me? This is very true, very true. Whether it's coming from spiritual leaders who are looking to flex some kind of influence or scientific and political bodies that are sounding the alarm saying, Hey, we need to cool things down. Yeah, there's definitely some truth to doomsday because it's common and the big one for humanity, it's coming before that's for sure.

Nio Nyx: Yeah. Now, if your question is, is it only a fear tactic? There's no question. It's a fear tactic. I think we could all probably agree. It's truth. But if you're saying it's only a fear tactic and it's not really like doomsday is not real. No, doomsday is real. I'm going to say shenanigans. So I'm, I'm on the fence, certainly a fear [00:29:00] attack, but our predictions possible.

Sure. Absolutely. I think they're absolutely possible on doomsday that someone has seen the end, can see the end and knows what's about to happen. And one of them could have been right. I think it's absolutely possible. I don't know if it's going to happen in our lifetime, but. Who knows? Who knows? Other than that person who saw it.

This is deja 

Rob B: vu. It's 

Nio Nyx: deja vu. The world's about to explode. We have 30 seconds and the world's going to explode. 

Gianni Storm: Stepping outside. It's also so familiar. The lake 

Nio Nyx: is on 

Rob B: fire. Time for everyone to die. 

Nio Nyx: The lake is on fire. I know 

Gianni Storm: exactly what's 

Nio Nyx: going on. There's a horse out here. This is deja vu. Four of them.


Gianni Storm: don't start talking about revelation on the next episode. We, you guys see, we're going to get into it, but we're 

Nio Nyx: going to just say that for our season finale. That we're going to have to really [00:30:00] get into the Bible. Yeah, 

Gianni Storm: we're going to have to do that. I think this is shenanigans. I'm on the fence. I think there's, you know, the fear mongering, but I do believe that the end is coming.

Nio Nyx: Well, that's it for this week's episode. This was a really deep conversation about doomsday. We talked about everything from Nostradamus to global warming to revelations. So let us know what you think. Are doomsday predictions just about fear mongering? Go to podsnetwork. com Yo DZ, go to the episode, leave us a comment, share your thoughts.

With that said, like to thank Robby, Yanni Storm. Of course, as always, we've got to thank you for listening to our shenanigans. Every week. See you next week.

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